E-Blast: Shredding Event, Evening at the Arboretum, & More!

(21 hours ago)

Residents of the 157th District are welcome to dispose of unwanted documents ecologically & securely at my FREE shredding event on Saturday, October 7th! The Chester County Food Bank will also be on hand to accept much needed canned food donations. Read more


Shusterman invites residents to coffee talk

(Sep 15, 2023)

“After the success of this event over the summer, I am excited to give the people of the 157th District another opportunity to ask state government questions and voice their legislative concerns,” Shusterman said. Read more


2023 Fall Newsletter

(Sep 05, 2023)

In only six months, the House passed more than 100 BIPARTISAN bills focused on important issues that affect all Pennsylvanians. From guaranteeing the right to organize, improving workplace protections, raising the minimum wage, to investing in our schools, funding mental health services, and improving community safety, House Democrats are committed to working for you! Read more


Shusterman touts Elmwood Park animal rescue efforts

(Aug 11, 2023)

"Over 80% of the animals at Elmwood Zoo were rescued and would not survive on their own,” Shusterman said. “These exhibits are valuable tools for education and species survival. The next generation of veterinarians might be inspired by Elmwood today. That's why I am proud that the legislative Animal Protection Caucus works with these organizations that focus on rescue and rehabilitation to ensure they have resources to continue their important work." Read more


Shusterman supports local wildlife rehabilitation efforts

(Aug 08, 2023)

"It's important to preserve our woodlands so that animals can remain in their own habitat,” Shusterman said. “Many people don't know what to do if they see an injured animal in their backyard, and they can accidentally cause unintentional harm. That's why public education is so important for wildlife survival." Read more


Shusterman comments on women’s health care announcement by Shapiro administration

(Aug 04, 2023)

“I am grateful to Governor Shapiro and Secretary Arkoosh for working to ensure taxpayer funds are used for women’s health care in the commonwealth,” Shusterman said. “I have been concerned for some time about the deceptive practices of these crisis pregnancy centers and alarmed even more so that taxpayer dollars were being utilized to mislead women. When 1 out of 6 babies in PA are born to a parent who has not received adequate prenatal care, knowing that none of these state-funded Real Alternative centers were providing prenatal care, was deeply troubling. Soon, the tax dollars of PA’s hardworking citizens are going to be used for appropriate women’s health care.” Read more


State Rep. Shusterman invites residents to coffee talk

(Jul 31, 2023)

“After spending a lot of the early summer on the House floor, I am excited to get back to the people of the 157th District,” Shusterman said. “Now is the perfect time to reconnect with my constituents, hear their concerns, and inform them of all the services my District Office can offer.” Read more


E-Blast: Coffee Talk, White House Visit, T/E Jewish Connection, Meet Our Summer Interns & More

(Jul 21, 2023)

Join me for coffee and conversation at Easttown Library from 10 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 11! Bring your state government questions, grab a PA coloring book for the kids, and learn about the many services my office can provide for you! Read more


Shusterman discusses child care at White House

(Jul 20, 2023)

“I have always been committed to helping working families,” Shusterman said. “It was an honor to join my fellow state Rep. Jennifer O’Mara and state Sen. Judy Schwank to discuss child care with legislators from all four corners of the United States. It is reassuring to know that state legislators, trying to help families move forward, have the support at the highest level of our government.” Read more


Infrastructure, Housing, Transportation, and Safety Funding Opportunities

(Jul 05, 2023)

Below are several grant programs that are currently open for applications. PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: Support Families of Child Abuse Victims Who May Apply: Non-profits that specialize in providing service for child abuse victims in Pennsylvania. Use: Implementation of a research or evidence-based trauma training to support non-offending caregivers of child abuse victims. Funds: $250,000 in federal Children’s Justice Act funds. Application Deadline: July 6, 2023 More information: PCCD Website Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: PA START/STOP Project Who May Apply: Any private non-profit agency, any private for-profit agency, public agency, or unit of local government. Use: The PA START/STOP campaigns aim to increase awareness of the dangers of Opioid abuse, as well as to provide resources to assist parents and caregivers in promoting healthy behaviors among youth to prevent substance use in the first place. Funds: $900,000 in federal State Opioid Response funds. Application Deadline: July 10, 2023 More information: PCCD Website Pennsylvania Department of Transportation: Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Who May Apply: Local, county, and tribal governments, transit agencies, schools, school districts, nonprofits, and small Metropolitan Planning Read more


2023 Summer Newsletter

(Jun 20, 2023)

Majority Matters! It has been 12 very long years since Democrats had control of the PA House and we are not wasting a minute to pass meaningful legislation for Pennsylvania residents. Read more


E-Blast: Legislative Updates, Veteran's BBQ, Conestoga Winners, & more!

(Jun 16, 2023)

Congratulations to the Conestoga High School Robotics Team 6121C for their impressive win at the Eastern PA State Skills Competition and advancement to the VEX Robotics World Championship! Congratulations are also in order for the Conestoga Boys Tennis Team and the Girls Swimming team on their state championships! Read more


E-Blast: Legislative Updates, Veteran's BBQ, Movie Night, & more!

(May 26, 2023)

Veterans, friends, and family are ALL WELCOME to my Annual Veteran’s BBQ at Wilson Farm Park Pavilion on Saturday, July 8th from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Read more


Shusterman’s Second Stage Loan Program bill passes House

(May 25, 2023)

“I am proud to be a part of a legislature that wants to see our state economy flourish, our local businesses grow, and to see more sustainable jobs created and remain here in the Commonwealth.” Read more


Shusterman’s family law arbitration bill passes House

(May 22, 2023)

“I am extremely grateful to have the full support of my colleagues from both sides of the House,” Shusterman said. “I thank Representative Kate Klunk for championing this bipartisan legislation during the last House session. Families settling legal disputes already have a tough time. We can help take the sting out of those proceedings by providing families more options to come to the best resolution that works for them, and House Bill 917 does just that.” Read more


Dire situation: PA needs to expand access to contraceptives

(May 12, 2023)

“For almost a year, the Policy Committee has heard from experts across the state detailing the negative aftershocks created by the Jackson vs. Dobbs decision,” said House Majority Policy Deputy Vice Chair Melissa Shusterman, who represents portions of Chester County. “We’ve not only heard how health systems in western Pennsylvania are overwhelmed for demand of services, but we also heard the very real concerns from medical professionals on how the next generation of doctors and staff will be educated and trained in performing life-saving procedures if access and rights to reproductive health care is further restricted.” Read more


Roundtable highlights work by Family Promise to support families

(May 10, 2023)

“One of the most important aspects we discussed was the fact Family Promise does not just provide food, services or housing,” said Rep. Melissa Shusterman, who serves as the committee’s deputy vice chair. “When so many families are only one emergency away from needing assistance, Family Promise provides something just as important as services – which is dignity and a pathway to a better life.” Read more


Policy roundtable explores link between historical preservation and economic development

(May 09, 2023)

The House Majority Policy Committee convened a roundtable discussion in Montgomery County Tuesday morning to explore how historical preservation can increase tourism and drive economic development. Read more


E-Blast: Shredding Event Recap, Summer Internship, Legislative Updates & More!

(May 05, 2023)

Thanks to you, my shredding and canned food drive event was a HUGE success! Nearly 200 people turned up to say hello, recycle their documents, and drop off food items for the Chester County Food Bank. Read more


Workforce Development, Infrastructure, and Housing Funding Opportunities

(May 02, 2023)

STATE PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry: DEI in the Building and Construction Trades Grant (Funding Source: General Fund) Who May Apply : Organizations that serve as sponsors or intermediaries of Registered Apprenticeship and/or Pre-Apprenticeship in the building and construction trades. Use : To develop diverse talent pipelines and reach underrepresented populations within the building and construction trades. Funds : $1 million in total program funding. Application Deadline : April 26, 2023 More Information : Click on https://www.dli.pa.gov/Businesses/Workforce-Development/grants/Pages/default.aspx . Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT): Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Program (Funding Source: State, Federal, & Private Funding) Who May Apply : Private companies. Use : To develop innovative ways to deliver transportation projects across a variety of modes including roads, bridges, rail, aviation, and ports. Funds : Varies by award. Application Deadline : April 30, 2023 More Information : Click on https://www.penndot.pa.gov/ProjectAndPrograms/p3forpa/Pages/default.aspx . Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry: Youth Reentry Grant (Funding Source: General Fund) Who May Apply : Read more