Rep. Melissa Shusterman's Biography

Melissa Shusterman was elected to represent that 157th Legislative District on November 6, 2018. Melissa is a fourth generation resident of Chester County. Melissa was raised in Tredyffrin and graduated from Conestoga in 1985.

Leaving upon graduation, Melissa returned to the area to be near family. She launched a digital video company and raised her son as a single mother. Since then Melissa has successfully grown her business, working with organizations across Pennsylvania and the country, while residing in Schuylkill Township with her husband, Hans, and son, Paris.

As a legislator, Melissa is committed to putting common sense before politics, believing it's time for ordinary citizens to have a voice in their government. Her priorities include bringing transparency to the role. She also plans to address Pennsylvania's infrastructure deficiencies, investing in our public schools, reaching across the aisle to end partisan gridlock, as well as strengthening protections for our environment.

Melissa brings a strong sense of independence and gritty-work ethic to Harrisburg and will use the same skills that made her successful in business to proactively create change in the legislature.