Protect Abortion Access in Pennsylvania

The Supreme Court has overturned nearly 50 years of settled case law and removed the federal protection for abortion, leaving state law in Pennsylvania to ensure access to this essential health care service.

Abortion happens for many reasons: In cases of rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is in danger, among others. That’s why the right for a person to make their own reproductive health care choices is vital. Politicians don’t belong in our doctors’ offices.

Republicans, who have controlled the General Assembly for a decade and constantly attacked women’s health care rights, have introduced multiple anti-abortion bills recently and, right now, the only thing standing in the way of abortion bans becoming law in Pennsylvania is Gov. Tom Wolf’s veto pen.

Plainly put, abortion access is under attack in Pennsylvania.

That’s why you need to make your voice heard. Tell the Republicans who control the General Assembly to keep their bans off your body!

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End Price Gouging & Protect the People

America is supposed to be the land of opportunity, where working hard gets you ahead, but in 2022, price gouging and corporate greed are leaving workers behind and hurting the small local businesses that are the cornerstones of our communities.

We’re seeing numbers at the gasoline pumps we’ve never seen before and it’s driving price increases on food, clothing and everything you and your family use.

The oil companies are blaming inflation worldwide. Republicans are blaming the president.

The facts tell a different story. Yes, inflation is high, but the per-gallon price of gas has gone up far, far beyond the rate of inflation, and in the first half of 2022 oil company profits are up 300% over the first half of 2021. You read that right, three hundred percent. Oil profits are up 300% over 2021 when vaccines became available, and we were all desperate to get out of the house. Demand for travel was higher, but prices were lower.

Here’s the deal: Corporate greed is driving these price increases, and the money is flowing out of the pockets of working people and into stockholder dividends, company stock buybacks, and to inflate the salaries and benefits of corporate officers who get to boost their compensation by taking credit for 300% profit increases.

This is unacceptable while Pennsylvanians struggle with high prices at the pump, in the grocery store, and everywhere in between.

Let’s get to work and put People First and create a fair economy.

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We've Waited too Long. Addressing Gun Violence Must be a Priority

Gun violence remains an ever-present danger in Pennsylvania and throughout our nation. This is particularly true of under-served areas, from Philadelphia to Erie.

Bipartisan bills designed to reduce gun violence and keep communities safer – none of which come anywhere close to a rejection of the 2nd Amendment,  continue to languish in committee, not even deemed important enough to discuss, let alone receive votes.

Help your PA neighbors make noise by sending legislative leaders in Harrisburg, including House and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairs Rob Kauffman and Lisa Baker, a message that you still expect action on legislation to fight yet another deadly public health emergency.

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Take Action More Info


It’s time for civil rights to apply to ALL Pennsylvanians!

In 2020, the United States Supreme Court issued a landmark decision in Bostock v. Clayton County which found an employer cannot discriminate against an individual because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. While this was an historic victory for civil rights, this decision does not prevent a Pennsylvanian identified as LGBTQ+ to be denied housing, education, and access to public accommodations simply because of who they are or who they love.

Pennsylvania’s lack of a comprehensive anti-discrimination law is an affront to human rights, an embarrassment to this commonwealth and a deterrent for workers and businesses who could help grow our economy.

In 2021, the legislature had an historic opportunity to enshrine civil rights for ALL Pennsylvanians into our state constitution. However, the Republican majority which controls the legislature blocked the amendment. It has become increasingly clear that without the interference of GOP leaders, we have the votes to finally provide statewide discrimination protections for LGBTQ+ Pennsylvanians.

Join us in asking legislative leaders to allow that vote to happen, by releasing the PA Fairness Act from committee and bringing it to a vote.

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Help Us End Hair Discrimination in Pennsylvania

Did you know that it is legal to discriminate against a person in the workplace, at school, or even in recreational activities in the state of Pennsylvania, simply based on how you choose to wear your natural hair?  Well, it’s true.  Hair discrimination remains a source of racial injustice and it has serious consequences for African Americans who choose to wear their hair in its natural state.

The Pennsylvania CROWN Act believes that natural hair should be embraced and that there should be no space where wearing one’s natural hair is deemed unacceptable, inappropriate, or unprofessional.  Therefore, legislation has been introduced in the PA House of Representatives and in the Senate.  This legislation is known as the CROWN Act (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair), and it is not just about hair, but about protecting everyone’s Human Rights.

Join the movement to end race-based hair discrimination by signing on to this petition to urge Pennsylvania Legislators to vote YES on PA CROWN Act (HB 1066 and SB 531), so that we can put an end to race-based hair discrimination.  Twenty-two states have or have already passed similar legislation in their states and the Federal government has passed similar legislation in the house of Representatives.

Please make your voice heard.  Tell the Republicans who control the Pennsylvania General Assembly to end raised-based hair discrimination, by voting YES on the CROWN Act.

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Take Action

Free The Funds

Pennsylvania is currently sitting on billions of YOUR tax dollars that should be reinvested in YOU.

Thanks to Gov. Wolf's strong financial stewardship, higher-than-expected tax revenue and federal stimulus money, Pennsylvania has a surplus of over $9 billion that could be improving your community, strengthening your schools, fixing the roads and bridges you drive on, and helping lift up millions of struggling Pennsylvanians - all WITHOUT raising taxes.

Unfortunately, Republicans in Harrisburg say they want to save all these billions of extra tax dollars for a rainy day. They don't understand that for thousands of businesses, workers, and families, it's been pouring for years.

When a business has extra cash on hand, it invests that cash to strengthen itself for the future. Pennsylvania can do the same. Sign this petition to call on Republicans in Harrisburg to #FreeTheFunds and put YOUR tax dollars to work.


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AAPI History Inclusion Act

The Problem

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) have been facing disproportionate increases in racial discrimination since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Pennsylvania, which is home to nearly 600,000 AAPI residents, has not been immune to recent acts of hate. In the last year, 65% of reports of anti-AAPI hate were made by women with many attacks against the elderly. As these behaviors seeped into schools, AAPI children saw a rise in racial taunts and bullying. Historically, AAPIs have been ostracized and scapegoated during times of national strife. This prejudice stems from the perpetual foreigner stereotype: AAPIs are viewed as outsiders in the US. According to a national report, the most effective strategies against this stereotype are community-based solutions rooted in education policy.


Support HB 1917

By passing HB 1917 to include AAPI history and education in the K-12 curriculum, we seek to build a greater understanding of the positive contributions AAPIs have made to our country. AAPIs in Pennsylvania today are afraid for their grandparents who are targeted for their vulnerabilities, for their mothers and daughters who are disproportionately affected, and for their children who have seen a rise in anti-Asian bullying in schools. We can put a stop to this by educating younger generations that AAPI history is American history.

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Justice for Survivors


Survivors of decades-old child sexual abuse deserve to have their day in court and achieve justice against their abusers.

In 2018, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office released a report providing the evidence for what we already knew thanks to brave survivors who spoke out: Over 70 years, thousands of Pennsylvanian children were sexually abused by clergy within the Catholic church.

Sadly, many of these survivors have not been able to get the justice they deserve due to a statute of limitations that protects child predators and abusers.

Rep. Mark Rozzi has been fighting for justice for these survivors for years and his H.B. 951, which creates a two-year window for survivors to take their abusers to court, has now overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives but is languishing in the Senate.

Please join us in demanding Senators Corman and Ward bring up H.B. 951 for a vote and allow survivors of serial sexual abusers their day in court.

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Take Action

Support PA Nurses and Other Essential Workers

The work of nurses and other medical workers is key to helping all of us stay well or recover from serious illness and injury. Yet there are not enough of them to go around and we are in danger of losing many because their working conditions are so difficult. This crisis got even worse during the long Covid pandemic. For the sake of all patients and their families, we need to relieve the pressure on these essential health workers.

Forcing nurses to work too much overtime or care for too many patients at once leads to bad outcomes. For the benefit of patients, safe staffing levels need to be spelled out by state law. And it’s not right to claim we value health care workers but not reward them for their work. We must make sure that these heroes helping us and our families during the toughest times are recognized for taking on this special work.

Please use the form below to send a message to Harrisburg and urge lawmakers there to pass two bills ready to make a difference today.

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Defending Democracy

Last year’s attack on the U.S. Capitol – led by a mob that was persuaded by lies to attempt to prevent certification of the presidential election and create a dictatorship in the United States -- was a stark reminder of just how fragile our democracy is unless all of us constantly work together to protect it. PA House Democrats are pursuing a legislative package that is aimed squarely at defending and strengthening our democracy. Provisions would streamline and secure the election process while protecting voting access for every eligible voter in Pennsylvania.

You can help by encouraging the passage of this important legislation.

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Raise the minimum wage for working families, Pennsylvania’s economy

Working hard is at the core of what Pennsylvanians are about. Raising the minimum wage is about economic fairness and economic sense: every state around Pennsylvania has a higher minimum wage. It’s also about boosting our state's economy. Raising the minimum wage would put more money in the pockets of low-wage workers, money that would be spent on goods and services in our local businesses.

Fill out the form to email legislative leaders and your state lawmakers to let them know that you support an increase in the minimum wage.


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