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PA Climate Caucus protests SCOTUS restriction of EPA’s authority to regulate carbon emissions

(Jul 01, 2022)

HARRISBURG, July 1 – Members of the Pennsylvania Legislative Climate Caucus issued this statement in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling that limits the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate carbon emissions that cause climate change: “Yesterday, the Supreme Court voted to restrict the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate the carbon emissions that are dangerously overheating our planet. This decision strips the congressionally authorized agency of the power to address the greatest threat of our time -- climate change. Going forward, the EPA will not have the authority to address any big and new environmental issues that arise without the authorization of a dysfunctional Congress to regulate in a particular sphere. In short, the Supreme Court has ensured that the EPA will be hamstrung in its efforts to protect our environment. “We agree with Justice Elena Kagan’s observation in her dissent that the U.S. Supreme Court, with this decision, has made itself the ‘decision maker on climate policy,’ supplanting the regulatory authority of the designated expert agency, the EPA. “Our world is under grave threat from climate change, beset by increasingly destructive hurricanes, fires, and coastal erosion causing mass migration and destabilizing the political order. Now more than ever, government agencies must be able to take action to protect and preserve our Read more

Celebrating Earth Month

(Apr 08, 2022)

April is Earth Month, a time to recommit ourselves to making Pennsylvania – and our world – a place where sustainability and environmental preservation are a priority! Read more

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Protecting Pennsylvania's Wildlife Habitats

(Apr 08, 2022)

Wildlife Habitat Protection Read more

Daley resolution to study conservation corridors advances

(Apr 04, 2022)

“Taking a good look at conservation corridors would provide us with valuable information that would have benefits for both Pennsylvania residents and wildlife," Daley said. Read more

Daley to participate in Zoom discussion on protecting Pennsylvania wildlife

(Apr 01, 2022)

State Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery, will join PennEnvironment and wildlife experts Tuesday, April 5 on Zoom to discuss protecting Pennsylvania wildlife habitats. Read more

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Webster: Pennsylvania must do better to address storm water flooding | Opinion

(Mar 31, 2022)

Pennsylvania must do better to address storm water flooding. Read more

Vitali: Commonwealth Budget Should Fully Fund Environmental Protection

(Feb 02, 2022)

Gov. Tom Wolf's address to Pennsylvania's General assembly on Feb. 8th will mark the official opening of negotiations on the commonwealth's 2022-23 fiscal year budget. Regrettably, this annual budget has shortchanged the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for many years. Read more


(Sep 17, 2021)

September 20-26, 2021, is Climate Week in Pennsylvania, and the bicameral, bipartisan Pennsylvania Legislative Climate Caucus is pleased to share this list of events, legislative actions, and resources around the need for climate action in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. Read more

Daley: State policy makers talk carbon sequestration in Pennsylvania

(Jul 23, 2021)

Pa state Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery, attended a House Policy Committee hearing held at the at the Delaware River Port Authority to listen to experts about how Pennsylvania can advance carbon sequestration technology to fight air pollution. Read more

To celebrate Earth Day, Rabb calls for support of 100% renewable energy in PA by 2050, urges Pennsylvanians to contact their legislators

(Apr 20, 2021)

HARRISBURG, April 20 – To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, state Rep. Chris Rabb has called for support of his legislation to transition Pennsylvania to 100% renewable energy by 2050. “Earth Day was founded in 1970 to bring awareness to environmental issues, and I could not think of a better way to truly honor the day than to take action to literally save our environment and our planet,” said Rabb, D-Phila. “Earth Day has long been a day when people plant trees, collect litter or take other small steps to help our planet. That action is a beautiful and important thing because we must all act to save our very existence. “But the Pennsylvania legislature has the power this Earth Day to take a huge step in helping our planet – a huge step in what will be a journey to save humanity from climate change – by working to enact my legislation and get our commonwealth to 100% renewable energy by 2050,” Rabb continued. “So, while you’re creating your action plan for how you celebrate this Earth Day, consider calling or emailing Pennsylvania legislators to urge them to enact my legislation, which I’m calling Go 100% Pennsylvania.” Pennsylvania residents can use this website to find their legislator. A list of members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is here , and a list of senators is here . Rabb, known for his climate activism and for regularly authoring and promoting progressive policies, Read more