As school districts across Pennsylvania turn to remote virtual learning to mitigate community spread of COVID-19, millions of school-aged children with working parents will need access to full-day childcare.

Parents who work essential frontline jobs and careers may now face the impossible choice between losing employment or paying for childcare.

The PA Emergency Childcare Act would help these families pay for safe and reliable childcare so that they can stay employed, continue to power Pennsylvania’s economic recovery and help keep Pennsylvanians safe, fed and healthy.

PECA seeks to expand qualifications for childcare subsidies to families with income above the current threshold for coverage under the PA Child Care Works Program and to create the Childcare for Essential Workers Grant Program. These programs would help parents meet the needs of their school-age and preschool children throughout the pandemic and help families navigate the world of virtual learning. Providers could include daycares, churches, individual providers and even family members.

The faster the General Assembly delivers legislation to Governor Wolf, the more critical support can be delivered to working families.

Please tell your state lawmakers and General Assembly leaders to pass PECA to expand Child Care Works and help fund the Childcare for Essential Workers Grant Program for families who need real help, right now.

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Pass PECA & Expand Child Care Works

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As school districts across Pennsylvania turn to 100% remote virtual learning to fight community spread of COVID-19, thousands of working parents are now left scrambling to find affordable, reliable full-day childcare before the coming school year begins.

While we recognize that these choices were not easy for district leaders and are grateful for their dedication to the safety of our children, teachers, support staff and families, this decision leaves many hard-working, low-income parents with the impossible choice between remaining home to care for their children during their virtual school day or returning to their workplaces to maintain their income and support their families.

It is essential that the General Assembly recognizes that these decisions will leave millions of families financially vulnerable. Without a plan to assist families facing this terrifying choice, this unprecedented reality jeopardizes families’ ability to support themselves and endangers the welfare of thousands of children across our commonwealth.

Please co-sponsor and help fast-track PECA and House Bills 2809 and 2810 to create the Pennsylvania Emergency Childcare Act. Your co-sponsorship will give PA working parents the critical support they need to secure safe, reliable childcare that meets their immediate needs.

Thousands of parents and I look forward to counting your name among the supporters of working families this fall.

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