Demand Accountability and Decency in Government

Too many Republican leaders have put party and their own cynical political ambition over country and constitution. Sadly, many members of the GOP knowingly spread dangerous lies for months in Harrisburg, in their communities, and all over the country. They encouraged the mob to move their target from our Capitol in Harrisburg to the U.S. Capitol.
Sometimes leadership requires telling hard truths -- here is the pattern we have observed this election cycle:

  • Republicans try to limit voter participation through legislative maneuvers, including refusing to provide election officials the ability to process mail-in ballots before election day to ensure a quick count;
  • When that fails, they tried unsuccessfully to overturn elections in the courts;
  • And when that fails, they try to overturn elections by not seating Senator Brewster. This was manifested at the federal level through violent force resulting in the deaths of five Americans, including a member of the Capitol Police.  

Our nation’s capitol has now been desecrated and adeadly insurrection ensued. Their “leaders” knew better, but didn’t have the courage to tell people the truth. The time for honesty is more than past due. Now that peace has thankfully been restored, it’s time for accountability.
It’s time for all of us to do our part to lead. It’s time for all of us to stand together and urge  respect. We demand Republicans do the right thing -- the patriotic thing – by putting country over party and joining us in days to come to restore the people’s faith and to work to strengthen the fabric of our sacred democracy.

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