Steele secures $95,000 in funding for region after police chief’s murder

Funding will help police, borough and local communities

BRACKENRIDGE, Jan. 31 – As the community reeled following the shocking murder of Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntire on Jan. 2, newly elected state Rep. Mandy Steele was able to work behind the scenes in Harrisburg to help the borough secure $95,000 in state funding to assist the department and local community in the wake of the tragic shooting.

“When I heard about the chief’s murder, one of my first calls was to reach out to Brackenridge officials to see what I could do to help,” Steele said. “Like many of our neighbors, I felt overwhelming grief at the chief’s loss. I wanted to do whatever I could to help the borough recover and prevent something like this from happening again.”

Working in Harrisburg, Steele, D-Allegheny, was able to secure two state grants totaling $95,000 for the small borough. One, a $75,000 grant, will support the borough and its police force. A second grant of $20,000 will be used to help establish an emergency alert communications system for the communities of Brackenridge, Tarentum and Harrison.

“It was truly humbling to see the way our communities pulled together during this difficult time – from people attending a nighttime vigil to the crowds who lined the streets to show their respect for the chief. I sincerely hope that the outpouring of love and support will help his family, friends, and co-workers through this difficult time,” Steele said. “Ultimately, Chief McIntire’s legacy is in each member of our community, in our families, in our children and in the generation to come. It is up to us to live up to that legacy and the example that he leaves behind.”