Rep. Mandy Steele's Biography

Mandy Steele was elected to the House in 2022 to represent the 33rd Legislative District in Allegheny County.

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and mom of 4 children, Steele has founded and operated two nonprofit organizations and in 2019 became the first woman and Democrat elected to the Fox Chapel Borough Council.

Prior to being elected, Steele spent the last few years leading bipartisan actions focusing on environmental and safety issues across 20 southwestern communities in Pennsylvania. She also led grassroot efforts to build green infrastructure systems to control stormwater, making communities safer from flooding and landslides.

As state representative, her priorities include restoring the valley to the vibrant, economic hub it once was. She cares about making her community as clean as possible, focusing on eliminating air and water pollution, along with adopting better forms of clean energy, creating jobs and saving taxpayer money in doing so.