Pashinski, Flynn present state funding check to Luzerne County Flood Authority

HARRISBURG, Dec. 19 – State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski celebrated a state grant awarded to the Luzerne County Flood Authority today along with Sen. Marty Flynn’s Chief of Staff Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Mayor George Brown and several board members and employees of the authority.

The flood authority will use the $264,000 in LSA grant funding to purchase much needed equipment to stay in compliance with the flood protection levee system program.

“Floods are devastating to our communities, and the required equipment is vital to maintaining the strength and safety of our levee system structure,” said Pashinski. “The Luzerne County Flood Protection Authority has used the required equipment for over 20 years and much of that equipment is now inoperable. These funds will be used to purchase the latest equipment needed to remain in compliance with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood protection levee plan.”

Pashinski gave a special shoutout and a very big thank you to Flynn for his help and support in securing this important grant.

“This is a crucial investment for protecting our community against future flooding challenges,” said Flynn. “The funding allows us to build stormwater infrastructure, ensuring a safer, more secure community for our residents.”

Dominic Yanuzzi, chairman of the authority, along with other staff and board members, was also in attendance. Laura Holbrook, mitigation and outreach specialist for the Luzerne County Flood Protection Authority provided a statement regarding the funding that the authority received.

“We were thrilled to receive the $264,000 which was the full amount we requested,” said Holbrook. “We are happy that we can now use that for emergency response equipment to better protect the community by enhancing the flood protection response. We were very excited to receive this funding from the legislators and we appreciate their assistance and support in obtaining the funds.”

The Luzerne County Flood Protection Authority is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Wyoming Valley Flood Risk Management Project. The LCFPA has an aging fleet of eight mowers, but its fleet of mowers are old and some are inoperable. The authority plans to use the funding to buy new mowers to help them mow 40-degree slope embankments and hillsides safely, as well as purchase a trailer-mounted air compressor and an electric vehicle to replace an old one.

This grant was awarded by the Commonwealth Financing Authority through its Local Share Account program. LSA funding is generated from casinos located in host or contiguous counties and distributed by the Department of Community and Economic Development. The grants are designed to help economic development, job training, community improvement and public interest projects.