PA Farm Bill grant heading to private school in Luzerne County

HARRISBURG, Nov. 14 – One Pennsylvania Farm Bill Grant was awarded to strengthen child nutrition and hands-on agricultural education in the 121st Legislative District in Luzerne County, announced state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski.

Pashinski said Cheder Menachem, a private school in his community, received $9,940 to improve access to healthy, local food and increase hands-on learning for those children that attend Cheder Menachem.

“As the chairman of the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, I understand the importance of investments in childhood nutrition and agriculture,” said Pashinski. “The earlier our children can be introduced to fresh, local produce, the higher likelihood they have of continuing to consume it throughout their life, which is a critical investment into their health and well-being and an investment that I am proud to make. Additionally, this helps our local farmers by expanding their market opportunities to schools, allowing them to supply fresh, in-season products to be served in cafeterias.”

Residents wanting to know more about the Pennsylvania Farm Bill can visit the PA Farm Bill website.