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Philadelphia House Delegation advancing eviction reform

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Fiedler, Hanbidge celebrate signing of Pelvic Exam Consent bill

(Nov 27, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 27 – Today, state Reps. Elizabeth Fiedler , D-Phila., and Liz Hanbidge , D-Montgomery, joined Gov. Josh Shapiro for the ceremonial signing of H.B. 507 , which requires medical facilities in Pennsylvania to obtain consent before performing pelvic, prostate or rectal exams on anesthetized patients. The bill was officially signed into law on Nov. 21 by Shapiro as Act 31 of 2023. "Patients in Pennsylvania will finally have the right to make decisions about exams performed on their bodies while under anesthesia. This legislation ensures informed consent for invasive pelvic and rectal exams, at last giving patients the decision-making power that we all deserve about our own bodies,” Fiedler said. “I’m grateful to my colleague, Representative Hanbidge, for her work on this bill, and I thank Governor Shapiro for signing it into law.” “Performing a pelvic, rectal or prostate exam unknowingly on an anesthetized patient isn’t only invasive, but it’s also a breach of trust. Our legislation abolishes this archaic practice, thereby strengthening the trust that Pennsylvanians have in medical professionals, protecting bodily autonomy and highlighting the importance of consent,” Hanbidge said. “Patients expecting to go under anesthesia should never have to worry about being objectified for ‘learning purposes,’ and now thanks to my co-sponsor Representative Fiedler, Read more

Philadelphia House Delegation praises designation of Kevin Bethel as new police commissioner of the city

(Nov 22, 2023)

Members of the Philadelphia House Delegation today praised Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker for announcing Kevin Bethel as her pick for the city’s next police commissioner. Read more

Khan Diabetes Awareness Month Resolution adopted by House

(Nov 21, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 21 – A resolution (H.R. 141) designating November 2023 as “Diabetes Awareness Month,” has been adopted by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The resolution was introduced by state Reps. Tarik Khan, D-Phila., and Donna Oberlander, R-Armstrong. More than 1.1 million Pennsylvanians have been diagnosed with diabetes; that’s 11% of the state’s adult population ( Microsoft Word - ADV_2021_State_Fact_sheets_all.docx (diabetes.org) . “One out of every two Pennsylvania adults have diabetes or prediabetes, and nearly 20% of all adults have diabetes but don’t know about it yet,” said Khan, who is a doctorally-prepared nurse practitioner. “Creating awareness about diabetes is critical, and this bipartisan resolution helps us to educate Pennsylvanians on the need to get tested for diabetes and manage the disease if they have it.” A video about the resolution can be found here: ( https://youtu.be/x8LX97kgKU0 ). “As co-chair of the Diabetes Caucus, I was pleased to have the resolution declaring November as Diabetes Awareness Month pass the House of Representatives,” said Oberlander. “The prevalence of diabetes and the increase in both Type 1 or Type 2 makes it essential to educate and spread awareness to the signs and symptoms so that our constituents can get tested and treatment for better health.” Monica Billger, American Read more

Fiedler, Hanbidge pelvic exam bill headed to governor’s desk

(Nov 15, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 15 – The PA House today passed legislation (H.B. 507) that requires medical facilities in Pennsylvania to obtain consent before performing pelvic, prostate or rectal exams on anesthetized patients. The legislation, introduced by state Reps. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Phila., and Liz Hanbidge, D-Montgomery, now goes to Gov. Josh Shapiro for his signature. In Pennsylvania, medical students are currently permitted to perform these invasive exams on unconscious patients for training purposes. The legislators said this unethical practice undermines patient-doctor relationships, which require a foundation of trust, respect and transparency. “This year, we’ve seen millions of women and people across the country stand up for reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy,” said Fiedler. “It’s never been more important to empower patients to make decisions about their own bodies and lives. I am elated to see this bill pass, and I look forward to Governor Shapiro signing it into law.” “When patients arrive at the hospital for surgeries or treatments that require anesthesia, they are understandably worried or anxious about the outcome of their procedure, rarely thinking that an unrelated internal and intimate exam by a medical student might be part of the process,” Hanbidge said. “House Bill 507 puts the power back in the hands of the patient, giving them the final say in the care Read more

Pennsylvania Black Maternal Health Caucus applauds passage of S.B. 500

(Nov 13, 2023)

The bill now heads to the Senate for concurrence. Read more

PA House Democrats approve legislation to increase nonprofit security grant program to $10 million

(Nov 02, 2023)

United as a caucus, Pennsylvania House Democrats passed legislation this week to expand the state’s Nonprofit Security Grant Fund Program. The increase in vital funding doubles the budgeted amount from $5 million to $10 million. Read more

Philadelphia House Delegation helps move eviction reform bill following City Hall public hearing

(Nov 02, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 2 – This week, legislation ( H.B. 287 ) introduced by state Rep. Rick Krajewski, D-Phila., to make commonsense eviction reforms in Philadlephia was approved by the House Housing and Community Development Committee on a 14-11 vote. Six Philadelphia House Delegation members, including Krajewski and delegation Chairwoman state Rep. Morgan Cephas, D-Phila. sit on the committee. All six voted to approve the legislation. The bill would require eviction in Philadelphia to (1) be carried out by a public entity, (2) receive oversight from a review board, and (3) involve accompanying behavioral health professionals. Krajewski’s introduction of H.B. 287 comes after three shootings during evictions carried out by Philadelphia’s Landlord-Tenant Officer this summer. Following those incidents, in August, the Philadelphia House Delegation co-hosted a public hearing on the issue at Philadelphia City Hall with the state House Housing and Community Development Committee. “Evictions are the worst day in someone’s life, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they’re carried out safely and with compassion,” Krajewski said. “Philadelphia's violent, for-profit eviction system is an outlier statewide and desperately needs to be replaced. No one should fear for their life because they can’t make rent.” Cephas celebrated advancement of the bill, she said Read more

Philadelphia LNG Task Force Minority Report

(Oct 31, 2023)

LNG Task Force Minority Report Read more

Philadelphia House Delegation weighs in on the impact of public education hearings in the city

(Oct 26, 2023)

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 26 – The Philadelphia House Delegation today praised the ongoing joint hearings conducted by the House Appropriations and Education committees on delivering funds for schools statewide. The Pennsylvania Education Tour and hearings are part of an effort to help public schools and get a pulse of the state’s school funding structure. This week, the tour made two stops in Philadelphia: Tuesday at the School District of Philadelphia and Wednesday at the Community College of Philadelphia’s Library and Learning Commons. Philadelphia House Delegation Chairwoman Morgan Cephas explained that it is critical to examine the issues impacting schools in the city and state in order to find effective solutions that would guarantee fair investments and infrastructure for the schools. “We needed to hear the testimonies of parents, education experts and community leaders and revisit the root of the issues affecting our schools. This is why these hearings are so important. We are committed to improving this state’s failed school funding model,” Cephas said. “Our sons and daughters deserve quality and equality in education regardless their socioeconomic status,” she said. Rep. Jordan A. Harris, House Appropriations Committee chair, indicated that the hearings in Philadelphia addressed key concerns that will drive the necessary changes. “We Read more

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Pa. lawmakers approve declaration to aid repair work for I-95 bridge collapse

(Oct 25, 2023)

Article on Rep. Gallagher's emergency declaration resolution's adoption in the Pennsylvania Senate. Read more