I-95 disaster emergency proclamation extended until May

HARRISBURG, Feb. 7 – A concurrent resolution of the House and Senate, which extends the disaster emergency proclamation for the I-95 overpass in Philadelphia that collapsed in June 2023 until May 29 took effect today.

The disaster declaration allows the state to continue to access emergency funding and follow streamlined rules for repair work. 

“Interstate 95 is a critical highway for not only Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, but the entire Northeast United States,” said Rep. Anthony Bellmon, who authored the most recent extension (H.R. 279). “It is important that we cut as much red tape as possible to let PennDOT finish the job of rebuilding the highway so it is safe to travel on for years to come.”

Bellmon’s measure is the latest of several resolutions used to extend the governor’s original proclamation. The first extension was contained in S.R. 136, introduced by state Sen. Jimmy Dillion, D-Phila., which extended the proclamation until Nov. 1, 2023. That was followed by another extension (H.R. 197), offered by state Rep. Pat Gallagher, D-Phila., which extended the proclamation until the end of February 2024.

The Senate adopted Bellmon’s resolution on Monday after the House approved it in December.