Philadelphia House Delegation reacts to passing of former Rep. James Roebuck

PHILADELPHIA, May 16 – Chairwoman of the Philadelphia House Delegation Rep. Morgan Cephas, D-Phila., released the following statement on behalf of the delegation on the passing of former state Rep. James Roebuck, who represented the 188th Legislative District in West Philadelphia from 1985-2020.

“Chairman Roebuck served his West Philadelphia district with distinction for 35 years as state representative and was involved in his community his entire life. His leadership extended beyond the 188th District as the longtime chairman of the House Education Committee, fighting for Pennsylvania students and ensuring opportunity for higher education for all. His service and tenure are unparalleled in our delegation, as he continued to be a source of inspiration and insight beyond his days in the legislature. Our condolences stretch to his family, colleagues and the people of West Philadelphia who knew him best.”