Conklin proposes resolution to recognize Pennsylvania’s Grange legacy

Advocates for Sept. 18, 2023, to be declared ‘State Grange Day’

HARRISBURG, June 12 - State Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Centre, today introduced a House resolution that would acknowledge the profound contributions of the Grange to Pennsylvania's agricultural and rural heritage.

“Emerging from the ashes of the Civil War, the Grange stood as a beacon of hope and solidarity for our rural communities,” said Conklin, who is a sixth-degree Grange member. “One hundred and fifty years later, its influence continues to echo through its advocacy for rural issues, educational advancement, and commitment to community service."

House Resolution 148 would designate Sept. 18, 2023, as “State Grange Day.” The day commemorates the establishment of the Pennsylvania State Grange in 1873, marking the unity of 25 local Granges dedicated to enriching the commonwealth's communities. 

“Today, Pennsylvania is home to approximately 170 local Granges with close to 5,700 devoted members,” Conklin said. “These men and women continue to uphold the Grange's foundational values of service, unity and perseverance.”

The resolution is a tribute to the 150th anniversary of the Pennsylvania State Grange, an occasion Conklin said he believes deserves widespread recognition and celebration across the commonwealth.

"Designating September 18th as State Grange Day is a fitting tribute to the enduring legacy of the Grange and its ongoing impact on our rural communities," Conklin said. “Let's celebrate the spirit of community at the core of their work and honor the vision of unity and resilience that inspired its founding members.”