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Readshaw agrees with call to raise capacity for restaurants, bars

(Jul 28, 2020)

Pennsylvania state Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny, said he supports a letter written by colleagues urging Gov. Tom Wolf to lift a restriction that imposes a 25% indoor capacity on restaurants and bars. Read more

Rep. Wheatley to introduce bill to give restaurants, bars, taverns a break on penalties, fees for sales tax payments, including liquor tax

(Jul 27, 2020)

HARRISBURG, July 27 – In an effort to help restaurants, bars and taverns impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, state Rep. Jake Wheatley has announced he will soon introduce legislation that would eliminate penalties and fees for delayed sales tax payments and provide a grace period for paying the 6% liquor sales tax for these businesses. Wheatley, D-Allegheny, said the businesses, who lost significant amounts of revenue after closing their doors for months to help prevent the spread of the virus, deserve this break. “It’s imperative that restaurants, bars and taverns be given a financial break for being responsible and doing their part during the state’s emergency declaration,” Wheatley said. “With many of these businesses beginning the process of reopening, removing these additional fees would give them some additional breathing room and go a long way to help them recover from their losses and get back on their feet.” Back in May, Wheatley and state Rep. Dan Deasy, also D-Allegheny, sent a letter to the governor , requesting that liquor license fees be waived for restaurants and bars due to the devastating financial impacts they’ve experienced due to the pandemic. More information on his pending legislation can be found at this link: Read more

Deasy to introduce legislation to help restaurants weather COVID crisis

(Jul 24, 2020)

Bill would remove barriers to outdoor dining, encourage people to patronize struggling restaurants Read more

Wheatley: Legislation would address systemic racism, address poorer health conditions, economic outcomes among people of color in Pa.

(Jul 21, 2020)

PITTSBURGH, July 21 – Calling it a dire public health crisis, state Rep. Jake Wheatley has announced his intent to introduce a bill to address racial inequities among Black, Brown and Indigenous communities in Pennsylvania. “Study after study continues to show definitive links between higher rates of chronic health conditions, like high blood pressure and diabetes, among our Black, Latino and Native American residents,” said Wheatley, D-Allegheny. “Racism is truly a public health problem, leading to higher levels of stress and significantly reduced access to medical and social services, among other impacts, resulting in increased levels of disease, disability, and death. As we continue to demand changes to address systemic racism in Pennsylvania and across the nation, we must also respond to this public health crisis – because lives are truly at stake.” Wheatley’s legislation would create a racial equity task force within the Pennsylvania Department of Health, in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. This task force would oversee the review of policies and provide recommendations to the governor and the General Assembly on efforts focused on reducing the disparities between people of color and white residents statewide. More information on the bill can be found at the following link: Read more

Lawmakers: Time to close Amazon sales tax loophole

(Jul 20, 2020)

Proposed change would level the playing field between local businesses and online retailer Read more

Rep. Frank Dermody, Sen. Lindsey Williams announce $3 million grant for Harrison Twp project

(Jul 17, 2020)

Project will focus on improvements to the intersection of Route 366 and Pleasant Avenue Read more

Miller, Roebuck introduce online learning equity bill for students in acute poverty

(Jul 15, 2020)

HARRISBURG, July 15 – COVID-19 resulted in the closing of schools statewide this past spring, a move that at the time had bipartisan support and echoed actions taken across our country, but it was one that also shined a bright line on the inequality embedded in many of our school districts across the state. This gross inequality allowed for more well-funded and financially supported districts to open online weeks if not almost two months ahead of neighboring districts that had less funding and less financial support. State Reps. Dan Miller, D-Allegheny, and Jim Roebuck, D-Phila., on Thursday introduced legislation (H.B. 2705) that would offer a path forward to make sure school districts in the future are not delayed in opening online due to uncertainty of access to technology, and that every child who is from a home living in acute poverty has the necessary technology provided to them to make them ready for online learning from day one. “COVID-19 is an unprecedented emergency that no district, state, or likely, nation was prepared to address,” Miller said. “However, we must learn from our experience this spring and we must make sure that no child or school district will be delayed from accessing or providing online education in the future due to financial hardship. It is unjust that our wealthier school districts can be up and running, while our more economically challenged school districts have to go door-to-door, hat-in-hand for Read more

Lee urges local organizations to apply for Covid-related grant programs

(Jul 14, 2020)

Grants can help nonprofits, businesses weather coronavirus crisis Read more

Readshaw police background bill signed into law

(Jul 14, 2020)

A measure requiring law enforcement agencies to conduct a thorough background investigation on potential new hires was signed into law today by Gov. Tom Wolf, state Rep. Harry Readshaw announced. The legislation was passed unanimously in both the House and Senate chambers. Read more

Frankel: Republicans shut down debate on constitutional amendment

(Jul 13, 2020)

Majority’s actions akin to ‘bulldozing over’ discussion, debates Read more