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Every May we recognize Mental Health Awareness Month. It is an opportunity to learn, act and advocate for mental wellbeing. 

In a constantly changing world that can feel overwhelming at times, no one is immune from feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, and stress. And everyone can benefit from compassion, kindness, and honest conversations about mental wellbeing.

Mental wellbeing means making time for self-care. It means it’s ok to tell someone that you’re not ok. And that taking care to your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health.

The modern world can be especially challenging for women with more stressors than even a generation ago - like building a career, running a household as costs go up, raising a family while caring for aging parents, and living up to unrealistic standards in social and mass media. America Ferrera's character in the Barbie movie put it best, “It is literally impossible to be a woman... Like, we have to always be extraordinary, but somehow, we're always doing it wrong.”

It’s a lot to manage, and too often what’s sacrificed is self-care.

As a result, nearly one in six American women face a mental health challenge each year. 

This year for Women’s Mental Health Week, as an act of solidarity with people across Pennsylvania, the House Democratic Caucus’s 37 women wrote messages to their younger selves with a lesson they wished they’d known growing up. Many of those messages are filled with encouragement, reassurance, resilience, faith, strength, confidence, and self-care.

Beyond modeling the value of self-care and power of vulnerability, our members are standing up for equal pay, family leave, better childcare, and a safer world for every woman and her family – no matter what they look like or who they love.

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