June 22 update: A Juneteenth Celebration to Remember

(15 hours ago)

Weekly email also announces a shredding event and shares video of my thoughts on on free and fair elections and the fair funding formula. Read more


Webster: 2020 Election Was Fair And Secure

(Jun 17, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Webster says we should be talking about education, jobs, economic growth, healthcare, equity, and quality of life. Instead we continue to rehash the 2020 presidential election. We know our election was fair and secure. We must move past this and get back to working for Pennsylvania. Read more


Webster: Support Every Child

(Jun 16, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Webster talks about fair and equitable education funding in Pa. He says that we have a onetime opportunity with a budget surplus and money from the American Rescue plan to invest in our children and put all our education funding through the fair funding formula, not just new dollars. This will ensure that every child has the same opportunities, lower local school property taxes, and support our schools. Read more


June 15 update: Fighting back against the Big Lie

(Jun 15, 2021)

There are various ways we can work together to improve voting access and process in our commonwealth, but instead we’re stuck fighting back against the seemingly never-ending “Big Lie.” Read more


Webster: Path Forward with RGGI

(Jun 14, 2021)

We have an opportunity to create sustainable energy and use fees and developmental dollars from that transition to fund workplace development, environmental cleanup, and other efforts. Read more


Ciresi hosts news conference to call attention to fair education funding

(Jun 11, 2021)

Pennsylvania’s so-called fair funding formula was passed in 2016 to ensure that each district receives state funding based on school and community needs. Despite its passage five years ago and implementation for new funding, inequitable education funding remains a significant issue in Pennsylvania due the formula ignoring old levels of funding. Read more


Webster: Uphold the sanctity of democracy and the will of the voters

(Jun 10, 2021)

Ambition to create distrust is not a characteristic of an effective legislator, and it is not the job of a sitting Pennsylvania senator. Read more


Webster: Protect Veterans' Private Information

(Jun 09, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Webster supports all men and women in our armed forces, at every level of detail. He is working on a bill that would keep personal information private for veterans longer. Read more


June 8 update: Budgets, graduates, and fair funding for our schools

(Jun 08, 2021)

Weekly email also urges increased gun safety. Read more


Webster: Fully Fund Public Schools

(Jun 08, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Webster supports using budget surplus and federal dollars to fully fund our public schools. He wants to reset the fair funding formula so that every school benefits and no child loses any opportunity. Read more


Webster: Invest in Training Programs

(Jun 04, 2021)

Investing federal dollars through the PA Rescue Plan would help create training programs, infrastructure, energy projects, environmental upgrades and, ultimately, jobs for Pennsylvanians. Read more


June 1 update: Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month

(Jun 01, 2021)

Weekly email also highlights students receiving Good Citizenship Awards, reviews my latest virtual town hall, and reminds about updated COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Read more


Reviewing Webster’s May 26 town hall: A student dialogue on civics

(May 26, 2021)

Webster, D-Montgomery, moderated the event titled “Civics & Its Impact on Our World: A Conversation with Students” from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 26. Read more


May 25 update: Honoring George Floyd & Fighting for Justice

(May 25, 2021)

Plus a final reminder on my May virtual town hall, some resources for mental health awareness, and standing up to hate. Read more


May 17 update: Primary tomorrow; Vaccine updates; New UC system coming soon

(May 17, 2021)

Weekly email features the latest info on the Primary Election, Walk-Up Vaccination Clinics, and Unemployment Compensation upgrades. Read more


Webster: Caregivers Deserve a Raise

(May 13, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Webster talks to us about how we use the federal dollars coming to Pennsylvania with the #PaRescuePlan to invest in our caregivers across the state. Whether in hospitals or delivering direct care, they have been working nonstop during this pandemic to make sure our family members are treated with care. Read more


May 11 update: Become an integral part of our team!

(May 11, 2021)

Also, a one-week-out reminder on the 2021 Primary Election, info on my next virtual town hall, and a call for environmental care. Read more


Webster Joins Policy Hearing on #PARescuePlan

(May 10, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Webster joined a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing in Philadelphia for a discussion about the Pennsylvania Rescue Plan. Webster sees this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in jobs and infrastructure. Read more


May 4 update: Have you applied for your mail-in or absentee ballot?

(May 04, 2021)

Also, my e-newsletter features some of my recent legislation, plus salutes AAPI Heritage Month and Teacher Appreciation Week. Read more


Webster Highlights VSC During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

(Apr 28, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Webster speaks with Erin Slight from Victims Service Center of Montgomery County. Being that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, they discuss the services that the VSC offers. Their services are open to any victim of a crime, whether that be sexual assault, hate crimes, homicide, assault or child abuse. Read more