Khan Rallies for Gun Safety with CeaseFirePA

(Mar 24, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan joined several of his legislative colleagues to rally with CeaseFirePA for commonsense gun safety measures. Far too many lives are lost each year from gun violence and Pennsylvania’s long overdue for commonsense gun safety laws. Read more


Khan Helps Stock Trout in Wissahickon Creek

(Mar 24, 2023)

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stocks millions of #trout in rivers and streams across the Commonwealth. This year Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan got a chance to help them stock Wissahickon Creek with #BrownTrout and #RainbowTrout. Interested in fishing this year? Trout season starts at 8 am on April 1st! Look here for more information: Read more


Frankel, Schwank Announce Jewish Legislative Caucus

(Mar 23, 2023)

HARRISBURG, March 21 – State. Rep. Dan Frankel, D-Allegheny, and Sen. Judy Schwank, D-Berks, announced Tuesday the formation of Pennsylvania’s first ever Jewish Legislative Caucus. “Representing the community that suffered the deadliest antisemitic attack in American history, I have seen that protecting the needs of vulnerable groups can’t be incidental – we need to create spaces where we can make them the focus,” said Frankel, whose district includes the neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, the heart of Pittsburgh’s Jewish community and the site of the 2018 attack on three congregations in the Tree of Life building. Schwank added, “It's important to have a caucus that is vocal and stands against hatred and hate-based violence, not just against Jewish Pennsylvanians, but Pennsylvanians of all faiths. I'm looking forward to taking an active role with this caucus, working with my fellow members and connecting with Jewish communities throughout the commonwealth." The Pennsylvania Jewish Legislative Caucus will work to incorporate the perspectives and needs of Pennsylvania’s Jewish communities in legislation passed by the General Assembly. This includes: Speaking out against antisemitism and other forms of intolerance and standing for a Commonwealth that is welcoming to all. Working to protect the civil rights of all Pennsylvanians. Modernizing Pennsylvania’s laws to address the growing threat of Read more


How Corporations are Trapping Employees – What We Can Do to Stop Them

(Mar 21, 2023)

Join us in this effort to prevent employers from springing TRAPs onto workers. Contact your state representative and let them know that you support legislation to prohibit the use of employer TRAPs in Pennsylvania. Read more


We got new rules, I count ‘em! Shred Event! Open House!

(Mar 21, 2023)

Dear Neighbors,In the next several weeks in Harrisburg, we will discuss how best to spend state and federal tax dollars with our annual budget hearing. In fact, today I am sitting in on the appropriations committee hearing for the Department of Education where Secretary Mumin is being questioned about making the needed repairs and investments into our schools. I will also be following hearings on health, housing, and aging services extra closely. Read more


Putting People over Partisanship

(Mar 13, 2023)

There is a time and place for partisanship. Sometimes important bills need to get pushed through the legislature because they won’t get passed any other way. And seeing a politician (or a party that is not sharing your values) get what they have coming to them, can be entertaining and satisfying. But when partisanship becomes the norm in government, our democracy becomes disjointed, disengaging, and corrodes. Read more


Woodmere Art Museum gets $750,000 state grant for Chestnut Hill expansion

(Mar 13, 2023)

Woodmere hosts a variety of cultural events, including art exhibits, jazz and classical music concerts, painting and watercolor classes, lectures, and film screenings. The museum operates out of a stone mansion at 9201 Germantown Ave. with nine galleries and sculptures on its front lawn. Read more


Khan Demands Change in PA Schools

(Mar 03, 2023)

This week I helped introduce legislation that will help us make critical investments to help us fix and restore our crumbling public schools. Every child deserves to learn in a safe and healthy environment. I also want to thank Shawmont School parent Theresa Kehler for testifying on the vital need to invest in Philadelphia school facilities Read more


Our schools are falling apart, here's one thing we can do about it

(Mar 02, 2023)

Rep. Khan delivers passionate remarks at a press conference calling for the PlanCon maintenance program to make sure our students aren't attending toxic schools! Read more


$750,00 Grant for Woodmere’s New Building

(Mar 02, 2023)

Woodmere Art Museum has been awarded a $750,000 grant for the Frances M. Maguire Hall for Art and Education redevelopment project in Chestnut Hill. Read more


Democratic lawmakers announce legislation to invest in school facilities

(Mar 01, 2023)

HARRISBURG, March 1 – State Reps. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Phila., Robert Merski, D-Erie, Bridget Kosierowski, D-Lackawanna, and Tarik Khan, D-Phila., today partnered with state Sen. Tim Kearney, D-Delaware, to announce legislation addressing toxic school buildings in Pennsylvania. Gathered outside the lieutenant governor’s office, Fiedler, Merski, Kosierowski and Khan said they plan to introduce legislation to fund the school construction program PlanCon to address the school facilities crisis in Pennsylvania. The lawmakers’ legislation would fund the maintenance program within the traditional PlanCon program for vital projects including repairs to roofs, HVAC systems, boilers, plumbing and electrical wiring. Under the legislation, the lawmakers propose opening applications only to the new Maintenance Program created under Act 70 for a temporary 3-year period. After this period, the Department of Education would re-open the program for traditional PlanCon projects, with the Maintenance Program returning to its 20% share of available funding. The lawmakers announced they are also introducing another piece of legislation to address toxic school buildings. This legislation would make changes to the commonwealth’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program to make it easier for public schools to submit applications for building improvements. Their announcement comes on the heels of the Commonwealth Court’s ruling in the William Penn School Read more


First week of session, upcoming events & more inside!

(Mar 01, 2023)

Check out my March 1 email update! Read more


Khan Announces $750K Grant for Woodmere Art Museum

(Feb 28, 2023)

Recognizing the importance of art and culture to our society, Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan announces $750,000 in state grant funding that he secured to help the Woodmere Art Museum continue to bring art and education to the community. The Woodmere has served as a cultural cornerstone for more than 100 years, and Khan says he’s thrilled to help it continue for another hundred. Read more


Investments into our community

(Feb 22, 2023)

Also, last week we were thrilled to announce $72,262 in state grant funding to C.B. Community Schools, a school-based health center in our community that serves primarily low-income and medically underserved children and adolescents! Read more


First week of session, upcoming events & more inside!

(Feb 21, 2023)

Check out my latest e-newsletter! Read more


Khan Hosts First Town Hall on #GunViolence

(Feb 13, 2023)

In the wake of a mass shooting that resulted in the death of a 14 year old high school student, Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan brought community members and advocates from CeaseFirePA together to discuss possible interventions, strategies and solutions to end gun violence. Nicolas Elizalde was shot outside of Roxborough High School following a football scrimmage. Nick's mother spoke about her son at the town hall and asked neighbors to work together to build a safer community. Read more


We're ready to help you!

(Jan 26, 2023)

Hi! If you do not already know me, my name is Tarik Khan, and on Jan. 3, I officially became the state Representative for your community. The 194th Legislative District, which I now represent, includes Manayunk, most of East Falls, Roxborough, Andorra, Wissahickon, Shawmont, and the majority of Chestnut Hill. Read more


Pa. lawmakers propose medical debt relief bill

(Jan 23, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 23 – Seeking to ease the burden of medical debt on working families, a plan to create the Pennsylvania Medical Debt Repayment Program was unveiled today by state Reps. Arvind Venkat and Nick Pisciottano, both D-Allegheny; Bridget Kosierowski, D-Lackawanna; and Tarik Khan and Donna Bullock, both D-Phila. “As a physician, I have seen firsthand how problems with our nation’s healthcare system – including medical debt – have hurt families and prevented people from getting the care they need,” said Venkat, the first physician to serve in the General Assembly in nearly 60 years. “While there are many issues that we need to address, including the systemic problems that lead to spiraling medical debt, this bill is an important first step toward helping people across Pennsylvania get the assistance and the care they need – and not phone calls from collection agencies.” “When my son was diagnosed with childhood leukemia, the last thing I wanted to worry about was the stress of medical costs. No family in Pennsylvania should ever need to think twice before seeking care for chronic or other serious conditions for fear of going into medical debt,” Kosierowski said. “We must do whatever we can at the state level to ensure that families don’t need to choose between going to the doctor or putting food on their table or buying clothes for their children.” The lawmakers likened the newly Read more


Khan recognized as Pandemic Warrior by Family Practice and Counseling Network

(Jan 06, 2023)

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 6 -- State Rep. Rep. Tarik Khan, CRNP, Ph.D. was recognized by Family Practice and Counseling Network with their “Pandemic Warrior Award” for “Outstanding Dedication and Resilience.” During the pandemic, Khan volunteered countless hours doing COVID testing to vulnerable individuals, and cofounded a nationally recognized vaccine program with Anna Perng for community members with accessibility issues, including persons with disabilities unable to leave their homes. Khan and Ms. Perng presented their model at a White House/CDC forum and received national media coverage. Khan, D-Phila., has performed over 900 vaccinations in neighbors’ homes, the vast majority were performed after work or on his days off. He is the subject on an upcoming documentary by an Academy Award-nominated director Sami Khan called “Angel Dose.” Read more


Khan takes oath for first term

(Jan 03, 2023)

State Rep. Tarik Khan took the oath of office today in the state Capitol to begin his first term representing the 194th Legislative District. The 194th comprises Roxborough, Wissahickon, Andorra, Shawmont, Manayunk, and the majority of East Falls and Chestnut Hill, in the city of Philadelphia. The noon swearing-in ceremony marked the beginning of the 207th session of the Pennsylvania House for 2022-23. It featured the largest and most diverse group of first-term legislators in more than a decade. As a frontline nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic, Khan said that his big legislative priority is improving access to health care for marginalized groups, including preserving abortion rights. Khan said his other priorities include fairly funded public education, disability rights, environmental justice and workers’ rights. “It’s a dream come true to represent the community that I fell in love with during nursing school,” Khan said. “I learned from my mom, who's also a nurse, that advocacy for our patients should go beyond the bedside. As a legislator, my focus will also be on making the deepest positive impact in our community. I hope to be a health care and public education champion in the legislature and make our community proud.” Khan said his office can help residents with various state-related services, including home heating assistance, children’s health insurance, prescription drugs and property Read more