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Snyder introduces measure to help veterans’ service organizations

(1 day ago)

CARMICHAELS, Sept. 29 – State Rep. Pam Snyder has introduced a bill to help veterans’ service organizations, including the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars chapters, which have been financially impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, said her measure would create a one-time grant program to help these struggling clubs with expenses they’ve incurred during the public health crisis. “These clubs provide so much to our communities, from blood drives, to youth sports, and the support to our local veterans,” Snyder said. “They’ve been hit extremely hard by this pandemic, and this grant program would be a huge help to them. My measure would also include a provision to ensure those service organizations that hold liquor licenses are not prohibited from operating solely because they don’t serve food, provided they continue to follow all other licensee rules.” More information on her bill can be found by clicking here . Read more

Snyder announces grant to develop Wisecarver Recreation Area in Greene County

(Sep 24, 2020)

CARMICHAELS, Sept. 24 – State Rep. Pam Snyder announced a $200,000 state grant has been awarded to develop the Wisecarver Recreation Area in Franklin Township, Greene County. Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, said the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grant will allow Greene County Parks and Recreation to construct an access drive, parking area, pedestrian walkway, softball field and stormwater management measures, along with other related site improvements. “I’m pleased that this grant will allow Greene County to develop the Wisecarver Reservoir into a beautiful recreational area for residents and visitors to enjoy,” said Snyder. “Combined with a previous state investment of $200,000 two years ago, these additional funds bring the total state investment into this project to $400,000, and I look forward to its completion.” The DCNR Recreation and Conservation grant program is funded with a variety of state and federal funding sources, including the Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund (Key 93), which includes Key-Community and Key-Land Trust; the Environmental Stewardship Fund; the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund; Pennsylvania Trails Fund; Pennsylvania Heritage Area Program; and the ATV Restricted Management Account Fund. More information can be found at the following link: Read more

Snyder announces $73K state grant to restore historic foundry in Greene County

(Sep 11, 2020)

CARMICHAELS, Sept. 11 – A $73,000 state grant has been awarded to preserve a historic steel foundry in Rices Landing, Greene County, state Rep. Pam Snyder has announced. Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, said the Rivers of Steel Heritage Corporation, which is overseeing the historic restoration of the W.A. Young and Sons Foundry and Machine Shop, will use the funds to complete ongoing work on the structure, which includes the replacement of windows and frames and clapboard siding. “This shop has a rich history, producing parts for everything from steamboats to railroads, coal mines and local businesses, and it’s also the site of the annual Hammer-In Festival, showcasing artwork and demonstrations of blacksmithing experts from around the region,” Snyder said. “It’s vital to support and invest in historic sites like this and preserve it for generations to come.” This grant is part of $2.6 million awarded by the PHMC to help historical and heritage organizations, museums and local governments in 24 counties. Keystone Historic Preservation grants receive funding from the Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund, which is supported annually from a portion of state realty transfer tax revenue. The grants support projects that identify, preserve, promote and protect historic resources in Pennsylvania. Funding also supports municipal planning that focuses on historic resources or may be used to meet building or Read more

Ciresi, Snyder seek to assist small businesses in reopening safely through new grant program

(Aug 10, 2020)

Said Snyder: “Our locally owned businesses are truly the lifeblood of our communities, and many of them suffered serious financial impacts due to the pandemic. As they continue to recover, it’s vital that we support them and provide them the assistance they need and deserve to operate safely. This grant program would help these small businesses keep their doors open while also providing the necessary resources to protect themselves and their customers from the virus.” Read more

Snyder to introduce measure to provide vital broadband access

(Jul 28, 2020)

CARMICHAELS, July 28 – With more Pennsylvanians working from home and more schools providing online education during the current pandemic, broadband access is a necessity, and state Rep. Pam Snyder said her forthcoming bill would provide the vital infrastructure to ensure access to all residents. Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, said her measure would provide $50 million from the federal CARES Act to expand access to broadband internet through the creation of a grant program overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. DCED would determine unserved and underserved areas of the state and award grants under the program, she added. “Reliable broadband access is needed regardless of where you live in our state, and we know that several areas across Pennsylvania are falling behind, and that is unacceptable,” Snyder said. “Fair and equal access is a goal I have been working toward for some time, and now, more than ever, as we continue to work through this pandemic, this access is vital to our everyday lives.” More information on her pending legislation can be found at this link: Read more

Snyder demands charter school reform following devastating cuts, furloughs in Brownsville Area School District

(Jul 01, 2020)

CARMICHAELS, July 1 – State Rep. Pam Snyder is urging her colleagues to immediately consider a bill to enact comprehensive cyber charter school reform, following news of a school district in her region that was forced to furlough several teachers and staffers. Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, said the Brownsville Area School District announced the furloughs at its school board meeting Monday. While the board said it hopes to rehire as many workers as possible before the beginning of the school year, she said this situation could have been avoided. “Over the past three school years, the Brownsville Area School District has had to pay out $3 million to cyber charter schools, and that’s extremely unfair to students who attend the brick and mortar public schools,” said Snyder. “We’ve known for some time that not only do these cyber charter schools bleed vital funds away from public schools, they also put a financial strain on these districts, causing property taxes to increase. It’s time we enact cyber charter school reform in Pennsylvania.” Snyder supports H.B. 526 , a bipartisan measure that would mandate that if a school district offers its own cyber charter education, but a student opts to go to a different cyber charter school, the student’s parent or guardian would be required to pay tuition. This move would keep property tax funds in the home district where it belongs, Snyder said. Read more

Snyder: Measure to honor local fallen heroes passes House

(Jun 10, 2020)

HARRISBURG, June 10 – A bill that includes designations to honor three local men who died while serving their country and their community passed unanimously in the House today, state Rep. Pam Snyder announced. Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, said H.B. 1510 included the following designations in honor of Greene County Sheriff Brian Tennant, Pfc. Joseph Frank Duda of Brownsville, Fayette County, and Cpl. Denny Ray Easter, also from Fayette County: A bridge on S.R. 2003, also known as South Porter Street over the South Fork Tenmile Creek in Waynesburg, Greene County, as the Sheriff Brian A. Tennant Memorial Bridge. Ten years ago, Tennant saved several lives from a house fire and was later elected sheriff in Greene County for two terms. Tennant passed away last year at 35. The interchange of S.R. 43, also known as the Mon-Fayette Expressway, with U.S. Route 40, known as Exit 22, in Redstone Township, Fayette County, as the Pfc. Joseph Frank Duda Memorial Interchange. Duda of Brownsville served in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II. Duda was a member of the 1 st Battalion, 7 th Marines, 3 rd Marine Brigade, and the Fleet Marine Force aboard the USS Fuller. He died in the line of duty on Jan. 9, 1944. The interchange of U.S. Route 40 with S.R. 4035, also known as Market Street and Spring Street in Brownsville, Fayette County, as the Cpl. Denny Ray Easter Memorial Interchange. Easter joined the U.S. Army in 1970 and served Read more

Snyder: Extremely disappointed in decision by Wolf administration to keep Greene, Fayette, Washington counties in yellow designation

(May 22, 2020)

CARMICHAELS, May 22 – Greene, Fayette and Washington counties are among those state Rep. Pam Snyder said should have been included in today’s reopening announcement. Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, said she will continue to push to move the counties to the green reopening designation. “Our communities have done their part and have helped flatten the curve and are practicing safe behaviors, and that includes my district offices,” Snyder said. “While the governor said the state has closely monitored yellow counties for outbreaks, we have had zero outbreaks. This doesn’t make sense. Once again, my residents deserve answers as to why we weren’t included in the counties that have moved to the green designation. Rest assured, I will continue to urge the governor to reconsider today’s decision in southwestern Pennsylvania and move our counties to green.” Earlier this month, Greene, Fayette and Washington counties were among those whose restrictions were lifted from “red” to “yellow” status. Read more

Snyder announces grant to assist Greater Washington County Food Bank

(May 21, 2020)

CARMICHAELS, May 21 – The Greater Washington County Food Bank has been awarded a $22,837 state grant to assist them with equipment costs related to the preparation, transportation and storage of food, state Rep. Pam Snyder announced today Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, said the grant can be used to purchase refrigerated or non-refrigerated box trucks, industrial-sized refrigerators, pallet jacks or dollies for the food bank. “Our food banks do so much to help our residents in need, including during this current pandemic, and this grant will help them ensure they can properly prepare, store and transport food to ensure nothing goes to waste,” said Snyder. More information on the grant program can be found at this link: Read more

Snyder: Greene, Fayette, Washington among counties to begin reopening process

(May 08, 2020)

CARMICHAELS, May 8 – Today state Rep. Pam Snyder announced that Greene, Fayette and Washington counties are among those allowed to segue from a red to a yellow reopening designation, effective at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, May 15. “I’m pleased the governor listened to my concerns about not being included in last week’s announcement and took a close look at our region. With today’s announcement, this means that many businesses which were previously closed or whose operations were significantly limited will now be able to reopen, provided they follow the health and social distancing guidelines,” Snyder said. “The last thing we want to do is to go back to red, so it’s vital that each one of us follows the necessary precautions to protect each other as we continue to move forward toward the green designation.” Counties in the yellow designation must follow these restrictions: Work-related restrictions: • Telework must continue where allowed and feasible. • Businesses with in-person operations must follow business and building safety orders. • Childcare facilities open must comply with state guidelines. • Congregate care and prison restrictions remain in place. • Schools will remain closed for in-person instruction. Social restrictions • Stay-at-home order lifted for aggressive mitigation. • Large gatherings of more than 25 people are prohibited. • Read more