Pielli's Title 15 Filing bill passes out of House

H.B. 1419 would establish consistent deadlines for annual reports

HARRISBURG, June 29 – State Rep. Chris Pielli, D-Chester, said he is proud to announce that H.B. 1419 passed today with unanimous, bipartisan support from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

House Bill 1419 would add consistency to changes made last session to corporate reporting laws under Pennsylvania’s Title 15, by ensuring that both domestic (in state) businesses and foreign (out of state) businesses would have the same transitional annual reporting due date of Jan. 4, 2027.

Last session, the General Assembly overhauled Title 15 (Corporations and Unincorporated Associations) to, among other things, require entities and businesses registered with the Department of State to file an annual report with the agency, stating their existence. Previously, entities filed a decennial report.

Currently, domestic businesses in Pennsylvania have a first annual report due date of Jan. 4, 2027 while foreign businesses have a Jan. 3, 2026 deadline.  

“In order for Pennsylvania to succeed, we need to be more welcoming to businesses,” said Pielli. “For purposes of efficiency and consistency, this bill will change the date for foreign entities and make it consistent with domestic entities."

“This simple change will help streamline processing, reduce confusion and ensure that all entities doing business in Pennsylvania are given the time to adjust to new reporting requirements. By doing so, we ensure a more business-friendly Pennsylvania. This change would also be consistent with Governor Shapiro’s initiative to create a friendlier, smarter and more efficient business environment for the benefit of our economy.”

The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.