Philadelphia House Delegation celebrates the election of McClinton as new House Speaker

McClinton is the first African American woman to serve in this role

HARRISBURG, Feb. 28 – The Philadelphia House Delegation today expressed their satisfaction for the election of Majority Leader Joanna McClinton as the new speaker of the House, a role previously held this session by state Rep. Mark Rozzi.

“We are overwhelmed with joy; McClinton has started a new chapter in history. What a way to wrap up the festivities in honor of Black History Month! McClinton is an unwavering force who works with passion and integrity for the people of Pennsylvania,” said the delegation’s chair, state Rep. Morgan Cephas.

“We know we will reach new heights under her brilliant leadership. We are confident that she will help us address the most critical issues affecting our people. The Philadelphia House Delegation is honored to see that one of us is now holding the gavel in the House. We are ready to fight along with her on behalf of all underserved communities of the state,” Cephas continued.

“As a woman I also want to emphasize that McClinton continues being an inspiration to all women of the nation struggling to break barriers and stereotypes. This is a resounding reminder that it is possible to win, regardless the color of your skin or background, it is possible to succeed against all odds.”

Rep. Danilo Burgos, vice-chair of the Delegation, trusts that McClinton’s work will help advance a transformational agenda in key sectors.

“I’m looking forward to a great collaboration ahead and remarkable achievements when it comes to gun violence, health, and affordable housing among other topics.” Burgos said.  “McClinton’s speech embodies our mission, values, and commitment to our community.

Today Speaker McClinton have paved the way for future Speakers, her work has already opened the door to diversity, to inclusion.”.

 Rep. Malcom Kenyatta, treasurer, praises the election of McClinton and believes that the newly elected Speaker broke the glass ceiling for many. 

“Delay is not denial. Forever proud to have nominated the first woman, second African American to be Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Today is a special day to every young person who feels who they are limits them,” Kenyatta said.