Isaacson announces legislation on menstrual education in schools

HARRISBURG, Sept. 28 – State Rep. Mary Isaacson, D-Phila., today announced her intention to introduce menstrual education legislation that would ensure all students who menstruate will have access to requisite knowledge and resources on the topic in school.

“It is unconscionable to allow this stigma around periods to continue, and it is time that we do something to fix it,” Isaacson said. “That is why I am introducing legislation that would require the Pennsylvania Department of Education to develop a curriculum for menstrual education that school districts can implement into their instruction for students.

“This curriculum would include topics related to the menstrual cycle, menstrual hygiene management, menstrual disorders, and more. This legislation would expand access to menstrual education for all students in Pennsylvania, regardless of gender, and ensure that students who menstruate are better equipped to manage their periods as well as understand them.”

According to reports, 79% of teenage students feel they need more education on menstruation. Many young students report that their first period was “embarrassing, traumatic, scary and confusing” and that they felt dirty during their period.

Isaacson said some schools provide education on the topic; however, many fail to appropriately educate and engage students in a way that serves to destigmatize what is a natural bodily function.

“It is essential that we take the steps now to destigmatize menstruation by providing comprehensive and accurate information to all,” Isaacson said.

Isaacson is also co-sponsoring legislation (H.B. 1954) that would require public schools to provide free period products to students in grades six through 12.