State Rep. Amen Brown calls on Mayor Kenney to step down

After statements made by Mayor Jim Kenney regarding the shooting at the Welcome America festival, state Rep. Amen Brown, D-Phila., is demanding that the mayor step down because of dereliction of duty.

“As someone who made the decision to run for office and be elected by the people, it is his responsibility to do all he can to address the issues plaguing our communities.” Brown said.

 In an interview after the shooting at the Welcome America festival, Kenney stated that he “can’t wait until he’s not mayor anymore.”

Brown said that if the mayor feels that way, he should step down immediately.

 “Philadelphia is in a state of chaos and lawlessness,” Brown said. “Not everyone has the luxury or privilege to just pick up and leave and go enjoy some stuff. His statement was beyond tone deaf and a slap in the face to the families and communities that have been impacted by gun violence. And, if Mayor Kenney doesn’t want to do his job and lead this city, then he should resign and let someone take the lead that actually cares about what’s happening to our people and wants to see and be a part of change.”

 Brown maintained that no matter how little time Kenney has left in his term, he should remain dedicated until the end of it.

“We need a leader who cares about us, not one who is checked out and lacking empathy.” Brown said. “He needs to face the people. He has done next to nothing when it comes to the communities that are ravaged by gun violence; he should be out in those communities visiting victims, trying to find solutions, but he’s hiding in City Hall.”

Brown stated that Philadelphia needs a mayor who is more in touch with the people in Philadelphia, one who has lived the experience of the people. 

Brown said he wants to remind elected officials that they all are elected by the people to serve and do what’s best for the people, and everyone should be doing their part to lead Philadelphia out of this crisis.