State Rep. Amen Brown calls for increase in funding for Office of Forensic Science

HARRISBURG, March 30 -- State Rep. Amen Brown is calling on the City of Philadelphia, Mayor Jim Kenney and the Philadelphia Police Department to increase funding for the Office of Forensic Science to alleviate a backlog of evidence used to solve crimes.

Brown said he stands firm in his belief that the Office of Forensic Science is the key to solving crime in the city and putting away dangerous criminals, and that an increase of at least $30 million is needed for relocation of the facility, staffing issues and better security procedures.

“The people who work at the OFS are committed to providing objective and reliable forensic results to exonerate the innocent, identify perpetrators of crime, and reveal crime patterns to allow the PPD to solve and prevent crime,” Brown said. “They are performing above the national average but simply are understaffed and don’t have the funding they need to succeed in solving crimes and getting criminals off the streets. My office is committed to working with the city and administration to identify funding for expansion and maintaining a new facility. It is time for a major city and state collaboration that benefits the entire city and especially our men and women in blue who deserve better.”

As there has already been a 3% increase in homicides in Philadelphia from 2021-2022, Brown said the time to do this is now.