State Rep. Amen Brown calls on State Police to act on illegal ATV riders

PHILADELPHIA, March 22 -- State Rep. Amen Brown has called on the Pennsylvania State Police to immediately begin enforcement of the motor vehicle code on State Highways in Philadelphia due to illegal ATV and dirt bike activity such as “drifting,” “doughnuts,” drag-racing, driving on sidewalks and between vehicles – all sometimes without a driver’s license or insurance.

“Philadelphians have experienced a decline in the quality of life, tourism, and safety issues due to these illegal ATV riders and dirt bikes,” Brown said. “They cause disruptions in traffic and accidents when operating recklessly. There have been assaults. Philadelphians should have an expectation of safety and security when driving down our streets or walking our sidewalks, but they have to worry about 50 or more ATVs or dirt bikes coming their way at any moment.”

Impacted areas include Center City, the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Fairmount Park and West Philadelphia.

Brown said he realizes that the unprecedent staffing shortages in the Philadelphia Police Department has exacerbated this problem, which is why he is calling on the State Police for emergency assistance, while he continues to work on legislative solutions to restore the funding and staffing levels of the Philadelphia Police Department.