State Rep. Chris Rabb’s statement on the Fair Funding Trial

HARRISBURG, March 10 – State Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila, said he stands in solidarity with the Education Law Center, the Basic Education Funding Commission and all plaintiffs in the historic school funding lawsuit currently taking place in the commonwealth.

In 2015, the BEFC made a recommendation for a new formula to fund public schools in Pennsylvania.

“The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a duty, enshrined in our state’s constitution, that it must provide an adequately supported education system in which all children have access to a fairly funded and well-supported education – no matter race, class or Zip code,” Rabb said. “We must adhere to the BEFC’s bipartisan recommendation to utilize a fair funding formula immediately.”

Rabb has long been a strong proponent for fair funding in public schools and has introduced legislation that would require 100% of state funds be distributed through the fair funding formula.

Additionally, the legislation would also expand the duties of the BEFC to ensure the commission also consider ways to provide for school funding that is adequate, equitable and fair.

The commission would also make recommendations for ways to increase funding in an upcoming 2022 study.