Cephas issues statement on Pa. school funding trial

HARRISBURG, Jan. 11 – State Rep. Morgan Cephas issued the following statement about the school funding trial today. 

"Our children are our future," Cephas said. "That statement is more than just a platitude, it's a reality. We have a responsibility to provide our children with all the tools they need to build a better future for us all. For too long, the opportunities for children in some public schools far exceed the opportunities for children in other public schools, despite our state constitution requiring that the General Assembly provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public education to serve the needs of the commonwealth. Some of our children are falling through the cracks because of our failures.  

“Philadelphia students are short on average $5,583 per student based on how we fund our schools. Over the years we’ve lost guidance counselors, principals and essential programming for our students. Since taking office, my colleagues and I have been fighting for fair funding for students across our commonwealth. Today, the School District of Philadelphia and Dr. Hite take the stand to testify on behalf of the SDP to speak to the reality of the state of education in Philadelphia and to offer insight on the needs of our students and families. It is my sincere hope that they will be heard.  

“It is time to right the wrongs of our inequitable school funding system and ensure that children across Pennsylvania – in every public school, not just some of them – have access to a quality public education that will foster their future success.” 

The school funding trial can be viewed online at https://youtu.be/6SlfQ0D4els.