Solomon introduces legislation calling for lawmakers to resign upon conviction

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 22 – On the heels of the conviction of Councilmember Bobby Hennon and labor leader John Doughtery on federal corruption charges, state Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., said he is introducing a bill proposing to amend Pennsylvania’s constitution to require elected officials to resign upon being convicted of a crime.

Solomon said that once they are convicted of crimes, public officials lose their credibility, integrity and cannot serve their constituents without the idea of bias and corruption overshadowing any significant decisions they make. He said his legislation would be a start to putting politics back into the hands of the people.

“The negative publicity of a conviction minimizes the work we do as public servants and creates a lack of trust from the people we serve,” Solomon said. “My legislation seeks to re-establish that trust.”

“As elected public servants, we have a responsibility to represent our constituents and promote the general welfare of our districts with honor. Every elected officer, from a city councilmember to the governor, must make a similar promise to serve faithfully and carry out the responsibilities of their office with integrity.”