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Philadelphia House Delegation praises approval of increase in public transit funding

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Philadelphia City Council passes Gilmore Richardson, Gauthier resolution urging state legislature to pass Fiedler’s Solar for Schools bill

(Apr 18, 2024)

PHILADELPHIA, April 18 – On Thursday, Philadelphia City Council unanimously approved a resolution urging the state legislature to pass Solar for Schools , a bill introduced by state Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Phila. Solar for Schools would create a grant program using a combination of state money and federal Inflation Reduction Act funds to help Pennsylvania public schools install solar panels. The bill is touted by education, labor, environmental, and faith-based organizations thanks to its potential to save schools money on high energy costs, create union jobs, and boost Pennsylvania’s production of renewable energy. “I was thrilled to introduce a resolution in City Council calling on the Pennsylvania General Assembly to adopt state Representative Elizabeth Fielder’s Solar for Schools Act,” said Council Majority Leader Katherine Gilmore Richardson, At-Large. “Not only is this legislation a win for the education and environmental communities, but it would be a victory for skilled labor as well. We have a unique opportunity to provide Pennsylvanians, especially our young people, with a pathway to a family sustaining and supporting career opportunity. I am hopeful that the Pennsylvania Senate will pass this legislation and help us achieve these goals and much more.” Councilmember Jamie Gauthier (3rd District), chair of City Council's Committee on the Environment, said: "Today, City Read more

State lawmakers call for support for PA’s telecommunicators

(Apr 17, 2024)

HARRISBURG, April 17 – State Reps. Roni Green and Tarik Khan, both D-Phila., were joined by a bipartisan group of their legislative colleagues, public safety telecommunicators and advocates at the state Capitol today to celebrate “National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week” and discuss how the legislature can work to help Pennsylvania’s telecommunicators and 911 dispatchers. The telecommunicators and advocates who were present included Jack Morgan III, 911 operator from Allegheny County; Sara Slote, dispatch manager, Lancaster County 911; Bill Perkins, state constable; Garrett Rienhardt, recipient of life-saving care; Tyler Griffith, dispatcher; AFSCME members; and Gordon Zimmet, Local 1637 president. At the news conference, the legislators discussed a resolution (H.R. 377), introduced by Green that recognizes the week of April 14-20 “Public Safety Telecommunicators Week” in Pennsylvania. The resolution was adopted by the House later in the day. “911 dispatchers are the point of first contact between the caller and first responders. The speed and efficiency with which they work saves lives. They parse through heaps of information in very chaotic situations and support callers during what is often one of the most difficult moments of their lives,” Green said. “It’s time for the commonwealth to give back to 911 dispatchers the kind of support they give us. My daughter worked Read more

Labor and environmental leaders join House Democrats in announcing joint Blue-Green legislative agenda

(Apr 17, 2024)

HARRISBURG, April 17 – On Tuesday, Labor and environmental advocates from across Pennsylvania joined members of the state House of Representatives’ Blue-Green Caucus to announce a joint legislative agenda to combat climate change while creating good-paying union jobs. The 11-bill package would boost clean energy production, advance key conservation goals, and create union jobs in growing clean-energy fields like weatherization and the solar energy industry. Bills in the package would also lower energy costs for consumers, increase funding for public transit, and protect Pennsylvania families and union workers from attempts to privatize water and wastewater systems. The 55 member Blue-Green Caucus, led by state Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Phila., have been convening labor and environmental leaders to break down imposed barriers that often polarize the groups and instead tapping into their shared belief that strong environmental policies must go hand-in-hand with labor protections. “Everyone, from electricians to clean-air advocates, wants the same thing: a better future for their kids,” said Fiedler. “It’s time to challenge the narrative that labor and environmental interests are at odds. This package of nearly a dozen bills proves we can unite around a vision for a blue-green future.” “Pennsylvanians don’t have to choose between good jobs and protecting the environment,” Read more

Health Committee advances Cephas bill to strengthen doula services in Pa.

(Apr 17, 2024)

HARRISBURG, April 17 – The PA House Health Committee today approved legislation authored by state Rep. Morgan Cephas, D-Phila., that would extend Medicaid coverage to doula services in the state. Under Cephas’ bill ( H.B. 1608 ), Medicaid would reimburse certified doulas for providing childbirth education and support services, including physical and emotional support, during pregnancy, labor and delivery and up to one year postpartum. “Research has shown that doula support leads to improved birth outcomes, including reduced rates of cesarean sections, shorter labor durations and higher rates of breastfeeding initiation. By providing continuous support throughout and after pregnancy, doulas contribute to safer and more positive birth experiences for mothers," Cephas said. "While some moms can afford doula services without insurance or have insurance that covers it, moms who receive their vital pregnancy care through Medicaid are not so lucky. This leads to a vast inequality in care for women who are already statistically at risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes, with Black women at the highest risk of maternal and infant mortality and morbidity compared to other racial and ethnic groups. This legislation would give these mothers a proven network of support needed to produce better mental and physical health outcomes during their birthing journey.” The bill also would establish a Doula Advisory Read more

House Philadelphia Delegation applauds ‘ghost gun’ settlement with city

(Apr 12, 2024)

PHILADELPHIA, April 12 – Philadelphia House Delegation Chair Morgan Cephas, D-Phila., today said she was relieved to learn that two major suppliers of ghost guns have reached an agreement with the city to stop selling their deadly products that have been entering Philadelphia at an alarming rate. Under the settlement, which comes about 10 months after the city filed a lawsuit against Polymer80 and JDS Supply for negligence, the two sellers have agreed to stop selling these parts online and in stores within the city for four years and at gun shows for two years. Polymer80 also will make $1.3 million in payments to the city to fund local efforts to address gun violence. “I am relieved to see these companies taking some responsibility for the devastation that their deadly products have inflicted upon our city and on countless numbers of grieving families and terrified residents,” Cephas said. “I applaud Mayor Parker and her administration for the city’s strong position in this fight and will continue to work with my colleagues at the state level to enact the many reforms that are needed in the fight against gun violence. “While this settlement is good news, it’s just the tip of what’s needed to reduce deadly gun violence across Pennsylvania. I continue to call on the Pennsylvania Senate to pass the gun safety reform measures sent to them by the House this legislative session. Read more

Khan to introduce bipartisan legislation empowering recovery community organizations

(Apr 10, 2024)

HARRISBURG, April 10 – State Rep. Tarik Khan, D-Phila., today announced he will soon introduce bipartisan legislation to help prevent opioid overdose and support long-term recovery. This legislation would require Medicaid coverage and licensure for recovery community organizations providing peer recovery support services. Recovery community organizations help individuals and their families as they navigate to successful recovery and healthy lifestyles; however, they are currently not a licensable entity type in Pennsylvania, and individuals with substance use disorder only qualify for peer recovery services through Medicaid if they also have a mental illness. “So proud to help lead this effort to increase access to support services for individuals with substance use,” Khan said. “As a nurse practitioner and state legislator, I am committed to supporting recovery community organizations— key allies in increasing recovery and reducing overdoses across the state.” This bill has support from advocates outside the legislature including Robert D. Ashford, executive director for Unity Recovery, and Lauryn Wicks, family member and advocate. "Peer support workers and recovery community organizations are such a critical part of how we respond to substance use and mental health concerns in Pennsylvania,” Ashford said. “This legislation ensures that peers can be paid Read more

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Pa. Democrats and union workers rally at the Capitol for $20 per hour ‘living wage’

(Apr 10, 2024)

All of Pennsylvania’s neighboring states have a higher minimum wage, but the Keystone State remains stuck at the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour. Workers and state Democratic elected officials say it’s time for that to change. “No more can we say minimum wage, because we don’t do minimum work,” state Rep. Roni Green (D-Philadelphia) said during a rally with union workers at the Capitol rotunda on Tuesday. “The days of minimum wage are gone. We need a living wage.” Read more

Kenyatta bill to convey New Freedom Theatre back to organization clears PA House

(Apr 09, 2024)

HARRISBURG, April 9 – After more than 30 years under state conservatorship the New Freedom Theatre is a step closer to being returned to the care of its parent organization thanks to legislation authored by state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Phila., and passed by the PA House today. Kenyatta’s bill ( H.B. 1518 ) would authorize the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission to grant and convey the tract of land that contains the iconic New Freedom Theatre in North Philadelphia to New Freedom Theatre Inc. for $1. According to Kenyatta, the theater that started in a North Philadelphia storefront with the support of the Black People’s Unity Movement in the mid-1960s has worked to chronicle African American History in the performing arts with playwrights and artists including Erika Alexander, James Baldwin, Denzel Washington, August Wilson, Sonia Sanchez, Grover Washington, Jr. and Glynn Turman. It also has provided professional theatrical training to tens of thousands of students over the years. “The New Freedom Theatre is a cultural treasure in the 181st District and the city of Philadelphia. Its deep history and future potential give us hope,” Kenyatta said. “As the theater continues to stand strong in its status as a bastion of Black culture in Philadelphia, its site has preservation needs that come with any structure built in the 1800s. The organization is working to preserve the site’s history so Read more

Young bill to keep energy efficiency plans moving clears House

(Apr 09, 2024)

HARRISBURG, April 9 – PA House lawmakers today passed legislation sponsored by state Rep. Regina Young, D-Phila./Delaware, that would make sure energy efficiency plans in the state are not being denied or delayed due to the use of mechanical insulation in them. Act 129 of 2008 requires electric distribution companies to complete an energy efficiency and conservation plan for their distribution areas every five years. Plans must be approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to ensure they are cost-effective and reduce energy consumption. Specifically, Young’s bill ( H.B. 491 ) would clarify that the PUC cannot deny a required energy efficiency program application solely because it contains mechanical insulation in its plan. She said the bill is necessary because the insulation material has reportedly been used to reject or delay applications, and that some people have questioned the effectiveness and economic viability of its use. “Mechanical insulation is used to insulate equipment, machines and industrial processes, as opposed to building envelope insulation used in walls and roofs of homes and buildings,” Young said. “It protects workers from burns, reduces noise pollution and is essential for energy conservation in heating and cooling pipes. It is safe and industry standard. “The intent of my bill is to clarify that mechanical insulation is appropriate material so Read more

Kinsey bill honoring first African American Speaker of Pa. House heads to Senate

(Apr 09, 2024)

HARRISBURG, April 9 – Yesterday, legislation ( H.B. 651 ) introduced by state Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., to honor a former House speaker passed the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. This legislation would designate the South Lawn of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex as the “Irvis Equality Circle” in honor of the late K. Leroy Irvis, who served as the first African American speaker of the Pennsylvania House and also as the first African American Speaker of any state legislature in the United States. The Pennsylvania Capitol Complex’s South Lawn sits right outside of the “Irvis Office Building.” “Speaker Irvis broke down barriers that made it possible for future African Americans to be a part of this prestigious body and to represent their communities,” Kinsey said. “It’s important that we honor our commonwealth’s greatest history makers, and it would only make sense to name the South Lawn, right outside the Irvis Office Building, in Speaker Irvis’ name.” This bill is headed to the Pennsylvania Senate for consideration. Read more