Madden: $2M in local grants includes upgrades for first responders and infrastructure improvements

HARRISBURG, May 18 – Announcing nearly a dozen grants totaling more than $2 million, state Rep. Maureen Madden lauded the state funding that she says will have far-reaching positive impacts throughout the Poconos.

Of the $2,006,944 in Commonwealth Financing Authority grants headed to parts of Madden’s 115th Legislative District, the four-term state representative had a direct hand in nearly $1.9 million of it.

“Bringing money back into our district is among my highest priorities, and I’m grateful to the Department of Community and Economic Development for overseeing these funding requests that were approved earlier this week,” Madden said. “Whether for improvements for our first responders, infrastructure upgrades, recreational additions or environmental purposes, the grants announced this week will go a long way to helping the people who live in and visit our wonderful communities.”

Among the grants Madden highlighted is $146,333 to be used toward the purchase and programming of P25 radios for the Pocono Township Police Department.

Said Taylor Munoz, Pocono Township manager: “Communication is critical for emergency response, and these funds will equip our officers with the latest technology that ensures effective communication between our department and any other responding agencies during emergency events. As Monroe County transitions away from older analog frequencies to new digital frequencies, these funds are critical for helping Pocono Township stay on par with the newest policing needs and trends. We are grateful for this award.”

Madden also highlighted $470,852 for Barrett Township as it repurposes the recently acquired former Barrett Elementary Center into the new multi-purpose Barrett Township Administrative and Recreation Complex.

This funding, said Pamela Gardsy, chair of Barrett Township Board of Supervisors, will be used specifically toward a new HVAC system, with installation planned over the next several months.

“We are extremely grateful to receive this funding,” Gardsy said. “This is a big step toward our goal of repurposing the Barrett Elementary Center into our Administrative and Recreation Complex. This facility will be a hub of activity for our community and will benefit not only Barrett Township residents, but all of the Northeast PA region.”

Other grant approvals highlighted by Madden include:

  • $400,000 requested by Brodhead Creek Regional Authority for the construction of a water storage tank to complement public water system improvements in Pocono Township, which will allow BCRA to meet increasing water demands from larger water users like Sanofi, Kalahari Resorts, Great Wolf Lodge, the proposed Pocono Medical Center, and a number or proposed hotels and other commercial and industrial customers in the region.
  • $350,000 requested by Stillwater Sewer Corp. for the rehabilitation of the currently overloaded wastewater sewer system in Coolbaugh Township.
  • $200,000 requested by Pocono Services for Families and Children to upgrade the HVAC system of the Mountain Center facility in Coolbaugh Township.
  • $175,000 requested by Pocono Mountain Regional Emergency Medical Services for the purchase of a new F450 ambulance that will serve 250 square miles, including an army depot, four major ski resorts, Mt. Airy Casino and Resort, Kalahari Resort, the Pocono Raceway and various restaurants and shops.
  • $100,000 requested by Suburban Emergency Medical Services for the purchase of a new ambulance for use in five municipalities in Monroe County.
  • $76,000 requested by DEND Properties of Monroe LLC for septic system upgrades to a property – a former hotel being converted into middle-income rental units – located in Paradise Township.
  • $47,461 requested by Pocono Pride Softball for the purchase of equipment for its softball field, including batting machines, batting tees, retractable nets, cage dividers, radar equipment, pitching and home mats, snow removal equipment, wall padding and more.
  • $21,298 requested by Determine LLC for the purchase of plastic molds to start manufacturing of a multi-purpose bathroom cleaning appliance with both commercial and residential use in Middle Smithfield Township.
  • $20,000 requested by Middle Smithfield Township for a sewer line relocation.

The Commonwealth Financing Authority, which oversees the distribution of the state’s economic stimulus packages to support public projects, awarded the funding through its Local Share Account. More information about CFA programs and funding is available at