Madden, Pashinski and Schlossberg discuss legislative priorities for a ‘Just Recovery Plan’

HARRISBURG, June 18 – State Reps. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, Eddie Day Pashinski, D-Luzerne, and Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, held a “PA Needs a Just Recovery” Zoom press event to discuss the steps the Pennsylvania General Assembly needs to take to create a just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and to heed the call for racial justice demanded by Pennsylvanians.

A Just Recovery for all Pennsylvanians includes:

  • Racial justice and police reforms.
  • Making sure that Pennsylvanians returning to work have the resources they need to protect themselves from COVID-19.
  • Instituting additional small business stimulus packages.
  • Making sure schools and students have the resources, including internet access, to facilitate proper socially distant learning.
  • Working towards providing quality housing for every Pennsylvanian.
  • Instituting tax fairness initiatives.
  • Continuing to ensure that all Pennsylvanians have access to the vote so their voices can be heard. 

Madden said House Democrats are determined to work together, not just to protect and reward frontline workers during this crisis, but to ensure that everyone -- with no exceptions -- can secure fair pay, a safe workplace and to be able to stay in their homes.

“Our constituents are undergoing record levels of unemployment and hourly work reductions, and they now have to face the grueling reality of paying rent,” Madden said. Pennsylvanians are scared and fear they will lose their homes, and it’s our responsibility, as legislators, to protect endangered homeowners and renters by keeping that from happening.”

Pashinski said the COVID-19 pandemic has put it into the sharpest focus in decades: our frontline essential workers in hospitals, long-term care homes, grocery stores, food services and countless other industries aren’t getting paid a fair wage.

He suggested removing the barriers that prevent Pennsylvanians from joining together to form unions to negotiate for better wages, benefits and safety in the workplace, ensuring that every worker has paid family leave and sick days and creating a living wage for everyone.

“PA House Democrats have put forth our vision for building a more just and stronger Pennsylvania,” Pashinski said. “Our recovery must be focused on building a Pennsylvania where everyone has the opportunity to participate, advance and thrive. That can’t happen if workers aren’t paid fair wages and ensured access to affordable health care. These extraordinary times present extraordinary challenges, but they also create extraordinary opportunities to do great things never thought possible. I’m proud to stand with my fellow PA House Democrats, who are ready and willing to seize this moment to build a more just and equal Pennsylvania for the betterment of ALL.”

Schlossberg said they will work to eliminate the barriers that prevent everyone -- especially people of color and those with low incomes -- from playing a role in shaping our government now and in the future. 

“When a major crisis hits, it hits those who have the least the hardest. We have a moral obligation to care for all of our constituents but pay particular attention to those who have been historically disadvantaged. This country has adopted Black Lives Matter as a slogan. It's time Pennsylvania policies reflect that and care particularly for our communities of color,” Schlossberg said