Solomon, Kenyatta urge colleagues to vote to hold elected officials accountable

Bill would mandate that elected officials resign upon conviction of crime

State Reps. Jared Solomon and Malcolm Kenyatta, both D-Phila., stood together once again at the Pennsylvania State Capitol to demand accountability in government by advocating for their legislation, H.B. 485, to require elected officials in Pennsylvania convicted of a crime to resign upon conviction.

“There’s an important distinction that needs to be addressed,” Solomon said. “A conviction should mean immediate resignation, not waiting for the appellate process to play out before we allow a convicted felon take any form of office.”

The lawmakers introduced the legislation in previous years but said the recent conviction of former President Donald Trump on 34 felonies is a chance to call on their colleagues to set an example of integrity by voting for this legislation.

Solomon and Kenyatta said that H.B. 485 is just one part of their packaged “Good Government” legislation written to help restore faith and trust and reduce skepticism amongst the general public.

“We have a unique chance to restore hope in our democracy and show that anyone convicted of a felonious crime has no place in the Pennsylvania statehouse or any other level of government,” Kenyatta said. “When we are lucky enough to win elections, it means that the people have put their faith in us and expect us to uphold that to the highest standards; it’s time we honor that responsibility.”

Solomon noted that if his constituents are required to resign their jobs if they face criminal convictions, elected officials need to adhere to higher standards expected of elected officials.

Kenyatta stated that with H.B. 485, Pennsylvania can set an example nationally and urged his colleagues to vote on the legislation.

“Their silence on the recent convictions of former President Trump and his ability to still hold public office speaks volumes,” Kenyatta said.