Philadelphia Delegation praises coordinated response of the city on the arrival of first migrant bus sent from Texas

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 17 – State Rep. Morgan Cephas, chair of the House Philadelphia Democratic Delegation, along with fellow members, today thanked city officials for the immediate response and support provided to an estimated 30 immigrants sent to Philadelphia from Texas on a bus that arrived outside the 30th Street Station Wednesday morning.

The delegation said its top concern and priority is the welfare of the group of migrants and highlighted that the key words against the backdrop of migrations are collaboration and solidarity.

“The most important aspect to take into consideration is to make this group of people feel safe. We all have the right to feel protected and respected; we are talking about a fundamental right.”

The delegation applauded the city officials for the humane response and emphasized that once again Philadelphia has proved why it is referred to as the “City of Brotherly Love.’

“We are proud to say that Philadelphia is one of very few sanctuary cities in the country. The Texas officials did not even coordinate with the city, but we opened our doors to them, and we are ready to offer shelter, health care and essential resources.”  

The delegation also stressed that although Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has stated that he will continue sending buses to other cities, because he understands that the government keeps allowing illegal immigrants, this is far from that case.

“The individuals we welcomed are not here illegally. They are protected asylum seekers who have been vetted and processed by border agencies and given temporary protective status. We also believe that is it is cruel and senseless to keep playing politics with vulnerable people. This is a serious issue impacting the dignity of these families.”