Frankel lauds plans for vaccine registry, encourages ongoing equity efforts

HARRISBURG, Feb. 24 – State Rep. Dan Frankel, D-Allegheny, sent a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf and Acting Health Secretary Alison Beam Wednesday afternoon urging them to continue moving forward with plans to create a statewide COVID-19 vaccine registry.

“I have heard from countless frustrated constituents, for whom the process of getting a vaccine for themselves and loved ones has exacerbated an already stressful situation,” Frankel wrote in the letter. “Again and again, I have heard that simply having an opportunity to ‘get in line,’ even if they are not currently eligible for the vaccine, will allow Pennsylvanians to patiently wait their turn to receive it.”

In the letter, Frankel also highlighted ideas the state should prioritize to set the registry up for success. These suggestions include making the registry easily accessible to all Pennsylvanians, making the registry interactive so residents can learn more about the vaccine and ask questions, and allowing local community organizations to provide input.

“The use of a registry system will bring order and transparency to the process, and allow us to clearly see and respond to the communities that need more outreach,” Frankel said.

You can view Frankel’s full letter to the governor and health secretary here.