Changes are coming to the 77th!

(Mar 17, 2022)

The state Supreme Court recently approved a plan for reapportionment in Pennsylvania. Read more


Winter 2022 Newsletter

(Feb 09, 2022)

Read my winter newsletter for information on Harrisburg and here at home! Read more


Conklin: Fair Lines for Pennsylvania House Districts

(Jan 14, 2022)

Nordenberg’s tenure on the LRC has produced maps which, despite what some of my more cynical colleagues have claimed, may be amongst the fairest and non-partisan in our state’s recent electoral history. Read more


Rep. Kinkead and House Democrats defend election integrity

(Dec 15, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Dec. 15 – Today, state Rep. Emily Kinkead, D-Allegheny, was joined by fellow House Democrats for a news conference at the state Capitol where they voiced their opposition to H.B. 1800 , recent attempts by the GOP-led legislature to subvert the legislative process; and ongoing efforts by the Republican majority to undermine elections in Pennsylvania. “Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania have made it clear that they do not trust our elections – except for elections that put members of their own party in power,” said Kinkead. “The Republican majority has wasted myriad resources over the last year by attacking our democratic institutions and repeatedly weaponizing constitutional amendments. All of this is being done while we are abdicating our responsibility to help Pennsylvanians who are struggling.” Rep. Manny Guzman, D-Berks, also spoke fiercely against the recent Republican-led legislation. “House Bill 1800 is the latest attempt to restrict access to the ballot box,” Guzman said. “Make no mistake, this is a well-coordinated effort to diminish voting participation in our Brown and Black communities. The restrictive use of drop boxes, shortening the window to register to vote, barriers to applying for mail-in ballots and submitting those mail-in ballots only begins to scratch the surface of the explicit measures targeting marginalized groups. Rather than proposing legislation that restricts access to the Read more


Conklin: Republican congressional redistricting legislation a ‘shell game’

(Dec 13, 2021)

Bills passed through State Government Committee on party line vote Read more


Helping Afghan refugees

(Aug 27, 2021)

We’ve seen the images of thousands who are desperately trying to flee violence in Afghanistan. It’s beyond heartbreaking. Thankfully, Governor Wolf has pledged his support to work with refugees who will be resettling in our state and is working closely with several federal, state and local agencies to help them. Read more


Conklin chosen to chair House State Government Committee

(Aug 10, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Aug. 10 – State Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Centre, has recently been appointed by House Democratic leadership to serve as the Democratic chair of the House State Government Committee. This committee primarily reviews legislation on issues ranging from voting and elections to campaign finance reform and oversees various state agencies, including the Pennsylvania Department of State, the Pennsylvania Department of General Services, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, the Public Employees’ Retirement System, the State Employees’ Retirement System and the Independent Regulatory Review Commission. “I am hopeful that we can bring an honest conversation to the table when it comes to governing and specifically how this committee operates,” Conklin said. “My goal is that we leave partisanship at the door and lead a committee that works for all citizens of Pennsylvania in a dignified, honest and forthright manner.” More information on the House State Government Committee, including upcoming hearings, can be found at the following link: . Read more


Now open for applications: Alternative fuels vehicle and infrastructure funding opportunities

(Jul 22, 2021)

STATE PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection : Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (Funding Source: General Fund) Who May Apply : School districts, municipal authorities, municipalities, nonprofits, private businesses. Use : Purchase or retrofit vehicles to operate on alternative fuels, purchase and install refueling equipment, and research or develop new technologies. Funds: Infrastructure and innovative technology project g rants up to $600,000. Vehicle grants up to $100,000 per vehicle, depending upon class of vehicle. Application Deadline : August 27; a second application round will close December 17 More Information : Click on . UPCOMING APPLICATION DEADLINES: DEP Driving PA Forward Level 2 EV Charging Rebate Program: Until Funds Expended ( Funding Source: State Mitigation Trust - Volkswagen Emissions Settlement) Business, charitable organizations, incorporated nonprofits, local government entities, school districts, and other entities. - Rebates for Level 2 EV charging equipment for public use at government owned property, public use at non-government owned property, non-public use at work places, non-public use at multi-unit dwellings. DHS Children’s Read more


Conklin announces spotted lanternfly mitigation grant for Penn State

(Jul 01, 2021)

HARRISBURG, July 1 – Pennsylvania State University has been awarded $69,767 in state funds to mitigate the impacts of spotted lanternfly in the hardwood ornamentals industry, state Rep. Scott Conkin announced. Conkin, D-Centre, said the Pennsylvania Specialty Crop Block Grant program, part of the historic PA Farm Bill , supports projects to help grow and protect high-priority crops, including hardwoods. “Thirty-four counties in our state, including Centre, are battling this invasive pest,” Conklin said. “If it isn’t contained, the spotted lanternfly could potentially drain our state economy of at least $324 million each year, and it has quite the appetite for many of our economically vital plants, including maple, black walnut, birch, willow and other trees. This grant will be extremely helpful in supporting Penn State’s efforts to curb the insect’s spread.” The state Specialty Crop Block Grant program was created to enhance the federal Specialty Crop Block Grant program by establishing a state program for crops that are either not currently eligible for federal support, or that are designated as high-priority specialty crops. In addition to hardwoods, high priority crops include hemp, hops and honey; and barley, rye, and wheat for distilling, brewing and malting. Projects aim to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of specialty crops through research to Read more


Conklin: $55,000 in grants awarded to area volunteer fire, EMS companies

(Jun 30, 2021)

STATE COLLEGE, June 30 – A total of $55,040 in grants have been awarded to local fire and emergency medical services companies, state Rep. Scott Conklin announced today. Conkin, D-Centre, said the funding is from the Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program, which is overseen by the Office of the State Fire Commissioner. This annual program provides funding for volunteer and career fire companies, emergency medical services , and rescue squads. “Our fire and EMS companies have always been there to answer the call, and that includes during the pandemic, which certainly took a tough toll on the men and women who serve as our first line of defense,” Conklin said. “My hope is these funds will help these companies continue to help those in need and keep their doors open.” The grants were awarded to the following companies: Hope Fire Co. No. 2: $13,302. Moshannon Valley EMS : $8,993. Mountain Top Fire Co. (EMS): $8,993. Mountain Top Fire Co.: $12,054. Reliance Volunteer Fire Co. : $11,698. Eligible organizations can use the funds for facilities and equipment, debt reduction, training and education, recruitment and retention, and to supplement operational expenses incurred by lack of opportunity for fundraising and inability to create revenue due to compliance Read more


Conklin issues 2021-22 budget statement

(Jun 25, 2021)

HARRISBURG, June 25 - State Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Centre, issued the following statement on the passage of the state’s 2021-22 fiscal year budget: “This budget will send much-needed education funding to our local schools, one of the key components of the Pennsylvania Rescue Plan that I have supported over the last few months. “We are investing $300 million in K-12 funding, with a third of that set aside for our most underfunded districts. This will help level the playing field and continue our work toward allowing every student – regardless of zip code, a chance to succeed. “The budget also provides an additional $350 million to help students rebound from the disruptions of the past year, due to the pandemic. "While this is good news for our schools, our children and our families, today's budget is, once again, a missed opportunity. This budget does not provide any asisstance to the local businesses impacted during the state COVID-19 shutdown, including restuarants, gyms, salons, and barber shops. It's baffling that, after more than a year of claiming to support small businesses during the pandemic, this budget contains nothing to help them on a path to recovery. We were sent billions of dollars to help our local businesses, and we should be using it, not letting it sit in savings. “And like last year, this year’s budget does not contain a minimum wage increase, Read more


Conklin announces hemp production grant for Penn State

(Jun 25, 2021)

HARRISBURG, June 25 – State Rep. Scott Conklin has announced a $126,730 grant to Pennsylvania State University to support its hemp production efforts. Conkin, D-Centre, said the Pennsylvania Special Crop Block Grant, part of the historic PA Farm Bill , would fund the university’s project, which is focused on optimizing genotype selection and hemp production management practices. “Thanks to the PA Farm Bill, this grant will be beneficial to support this high-priority specialty crop and further support our strong agriculture sector,” Conklin said. The Specialty Crop Block Grant Program assists with the growth, certification of seed and marketing of eligible crops, including hemp, hardwoods, honey and hops; and barley, rye and wheat for distilling, brewing and malting purposes only. More information on the grant program can be found at this link: . Read more


Conklin: House Bill 1300 is nothing but ‘smoke and mirrors’

(Jun 21, 2021)

STATE COLLEGE, June 21 – State Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Centre, issued the following statement on H.B. 1300 : “This bill is disguised as an effort to protect voter integrity and security but, in reality, it is designed to drive down voter turnout and make it harder and more complicated for Pennsylvanians to cast their vote. “Our past two elections in the commonwealth were fairly run, free and transparent. So, why are Republicans pushing for election audits for each county following an election? Why do they want each voter to have a special ID in order to cast their ballot, severely limit drop boxes and put an end to voting by mail? It’s because they want to silence your voice and your right to vote freely and fairly. That should make you very angry and, rest assured, I will fight this bill. “This is an attempted power grab, plain and simple, by the Republican party. This bill would also add unnecessary barriers to your right to vote, put more governmental bureaucracy upon counties and needlessly delay election results. “I’m truly disappointed that, once again, the leadership in the House is playing politics with a bill that will never be signed into law. We should be focused on how best to use the billions of surplus dollars to provide property tax relief and quality education for our residents. Instead, we are wasting valuable time posturing for corporate donors. It’s time to dispense with the rhetoric and focus on Read more


Conklin: Proposed PASSHE integration plan a bad deal for PA

(Jun 07, 2021)

STATE COLLEGE, June 7 – State Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Centre, has issued the following statement regarding the proposed integration plan for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s 14 universities: “The so-called plan that was presented to the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s Board of Governors in late April is anything but a good one. This proposal is not financially sustainable and forces a hybrid model upon students, requiring them to take virtual college courses. Many students across our state have technology challenges, including reliable computer and internet access. This plan also lacks details on branch campus oversight, and it does not include any cost savings or tuition rate decreases. “PASSHE was first established in 1983 to provide students and families with an affordable, quality education, and it’s imperative we get back to that mission immediately. We need a plan that stimulates the universities and adequately funds them, not one that puts them on the back burner. We need PASSHE to continue to provide the training and education needed to help students prepare for the demands of our workforce. “I have recently sent a letter to the Board of Governors , urging them to vote “NO” on this consolidation plan. Our students and families deserve better, and I am also urging my colleagues in the House and Senate to join me in fighting for a plan that provides better funding that Read more


Conklin issues statement in support of Congresswoman Dean, We The People PA

(May 27, 2021)

STATE COLLEGE, May 27 – State Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Centre, issued the following statement on today’s We The People PA event with Pennsylvania Congresswoman Madeleine Dean at the Montgomery County Courthouse: “I fully support Congresswoman Dean and the We The People PA organization regarding the American Rescue Plan. This plan will benefit all Pennsylvanians as we continue to recover from the economic downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “The Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus has worked together to create the Pennsylvania Rescue Plan . Using the $7.3 billion earmarked for Pennsylvania, our plan makes wise investments in public health infrastructure and preparedness, support for families, workforce development, investments in job creation, technology, and much more. Some of the highlights of the Pennsylvania Rescue plan include $500 million to create jobs and spur economic growth across the state, $250 million to promote affordable housing, $10 million in funds for those whose unemployment checks were delayed, and $75 million to invest in healthcare research and education. “Our job as legislators is to help Pennsylvanians come out of this pandemic stronger, and it’s vital we support these investments as they meet the needs of all residents – families, workers, small businesses and farmers.” Read more


Conklin: $170,891 coming to fight blight in Philipsburg, Rush Township

(May 25, 2021)

HARRISBURG, May 25 – Eight abandoned, dangerous properties in Rush Township will be demolished and two properties in Philipsburg’s Historic Downtown will be rehabilitated though a combined $170,891 in state funding, state Rep. Scott Conklin announced today. Conklin, D-Centre, said the Commonwealth Financing Authority approved a $90,000 grant to Rush Township, providing 90% of the cost of its eight-property demolition project. It will include any required lead and asbestos abatement, backfilling and grading of sites, and seeding and mulching for stabilization. Conklin said the CFA’s separate award of $80,891 represents the entire cost of the Philipsburg project, in which the Philipsburg Revitalization Corp. is rehabilitating sites at 110-104 N. Front St. to be marketed as an incubator to artists and entrepreneurs. This reclaiming of unsafe structures includes HVAC installation, updated flooring, and electrical, façade and roof work. “It’s critically important that we remove blighted and unsafe structures from the landscape when they are beyond saving,” Conklin said. “But, it’s equally important to save buildings that are in good enough shape to be repurposed, especially when they are located in an area of historic significance. “I’m pleased to see that with this round of CFA funding, our area will be able to accomplish goals that – while different Read more


Conklin announces $46K in Ag and Youth Grants

(May 13, 2021)

STATE COLLEGE, May 13 – State Rep. Scott Conklin has announced approximately $46,601 in grants to Pennsylvania State University and to three school districts in Centre County in support of their ag education and workforce development projects. Conklin, D-Centre, said the following grants were awarded: A total of $24,401 to Penn State to fund hydroponics education and production and for 4-H robotics precision equipment. $7,500 to the Bald Eagle Area Middle/High School for hydroponics and vertical garden education. $7,500 to the Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District for agriculture education. $7,500 to the State College Area School District for a student greenhouse. “Our state has a long and successful agriculture industry, and these grants will ensure its strong and vibrant future, providing the vital support, encouragement and education to its future leaders,” said Conklin. This grant program, part of the Pennsylvania Farm Bill, funds projects for ag education and workforce development, equipment purchases and capital projects to promote development in agriculture. More information can be found at the following link: . Read more


Conklin supports measure to reform redistricting processes in Pa.

(Apr 28, 2021)

STATE COLLEGE, April 28 – State Rep. Scott Conklin is supporting a bill designed to reform the redistricting efforts in both state legislative and congressional districts. Conklin, D-Centre, said H.B. 22 would provide enhanced transparency, allow more input from Pennsylvanians, and create a user-friendly website with data, proposed maps, public comments and related information. “Our residents are beyond tired of partisan politics, especially in the redistricting process, and I am happy to join Fair District PA’s efforts to move this legislation forward,” said Conklin. “The redistricting process should be fair and open, with more participation and accountability.” The legislation would also ban gerrymandering, place limits on splitting counties beyond what’s required by population, end the division of voting precincts, and ensure protection of racial and language minorities against discrimination in the mapping process. House Bill 22 is under consideration in the House State Government Committee. Read more


Conklin: Nearly $1.75 million in community investments

(Apr 21, 2021)

HARRISBURG, April 21 – State Rep. Scott Conklin has announced nearly $1.75 million in state funding from the Commonwealth Financing Authority to provide traffic and pedestrian safety in Patton Township and construct a skate park in State College Borough. Conkin, D-Centre, said $1.5 million in CFA funds will be used to expand an intersection along North Atherton and Woodycrest Street in Patton Township and add a new site access road opposite Woodycrest Street. The project will also include replacing traffic signals, adding sidewalks, and creating and lengthening turning lanes. The remaining $250,000 in funds will be used toward the construction of Action Sports Park in State College Borough. This park would be a publicly accessed concrete skate park for bikes, scooters and skateboarders and will also include a rain garden. “These worthwhile investments will ensure better traffic flow and pedestrian safety in an already-busy area of the district, and also provide an enjoyable recreational opportunity for residents and visitors,” Conklin said. “I look forward to seeing both of these projects moving forward very soon.” The Commonwealth Financing Authority provides funding for a multitude of projects that help businesses succeed, including those focused on development, water quality, energy infrastructure and more. To learn more, residents may visit the following link : Read more


Conklin: $2.4 million grant to construct Patton Township project

(Apr 16, 2021)

HARRISBURG, April 16 – A $2.4 million state grant will provide the necessary funds to construct the Masters Boulevard/Waddle Road Extension project in Patton Township, Centre County, state Rep. Scott Conklin announced today. Conklin, D-Centre, said the project, which will be constructed by Toftrees Development LLC, will include the installation of sidewalks, traffic signals, stormwater management and paving. “Improving our infrastructure is a priority for all residents to ensure their overall quality of life, and this project will provide necessary safety improvements and proper management of water runoff, due to rain or melting snow,” said Conklin. In granting these and other applications for funding, PennDOT considered a variety of criteria, including safety benefits, regional economic conditions, and operational sustainability. More information about the grant is available at this link . Read more