Frankel, Democratic Health Committee members prioritize healthcare equality and access; abortion rights headed into 2021

‘Health care is a human right, and we have a long way to go to fulfill that promise’

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 9 – As the Democratic Health Committee chairman, state Rep. Dan Frankel today announced Democrats’ committee agenda for the coming year and vowed to use his position to continue efforts to expand access to health care, to work for a safe, equitable and effective COVID response, and to protect abortion rights.

As Democratic committee members introduce, review and vote on legislation in this new session, they will be laser-focused on increasing access to healthcare, he said.

“Pennsylvanians cannot be expected to get an education, thrive professionally or contribute to their families and communities if one root canal, cancer diagnoses or injury pushes them into bankruptcy,” Frankel said. “Health care is a human right, and we have a long way to go to fulfill that promise here in this commonwealth.”

As the pandemic rages on, Democrats on the House Health Committee will fight for a science-based public health strategy to prevent the spread of COVID, support and protect the healthcare workforce, and ensure that everyone, regardless of income or technological proficiency, has access to the vaccines.

And, as they did in the previous session, Frankel said, committee Democrats will work to ensure abortion rights are protected and expanded.

“Access to abortion health care has come under significant threat in recent years, both in the courts and in our own General Assembly. These incursions into the private healthcare decisions of our residents are dangerous, and we will fight them with everything we’ve got,” Frankel said. “Pennsylvanians do not want to move backwards on these issues.”