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Make sure YOU get the call for my Telephone Town Hall

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Madden to host Tele-Town Hall Aug. 23

(Aug 17, 2018)

Madden to hold Policy Committee hearing on school safety Tuesday in Stroudsburg

(Aug 16, 2018)
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Madden Fights for Affordable, Accessible Health Care

(Jul 25, 2018)
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Madden: Reduce the Wait for Services for the Disabled

(Jul 24, 2018)

Rep. Madden responsible for $1.4 million state traffic grant in Monroe County

(Jul 12, 2018)
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Madden Hosts Womens Day Expo

(Jun 23, 2018)
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Madden: Keep Families Together

(Jun 21, 2018)

Rep. Madden praises state budget with educational funding hike and no tax increase

(Jun 20, 2018)

Rep Madden to hold Women's Day Expo on Saturday

(Jun 19, 2018)
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Madden: Enough Study – it’s Time for Action

(Jun 18, 2018)