Krajewski Kinship bill unanimously passes PA House

HARRISBURG, June 22 – Today, legislation (H.B. 1058) introduced by state Rep. Rick Krajewski, D-Phila., unanimously passed in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and will now head to the state Senate for consideration.

House Bill 1058 would make child custody proceedings more inclusive of potential kinship care providers by requiring courts to solicit and consider the opinions of those who engaged with family finding and kinship care programs. While living with kin (relatives and close family friends) minimizes childhood trauma and increases wellbeing, fewer than 42% of children receiving care in the state are placed in a kinship home.  

“This simple change in where a youth calls home can help a child resume attending school, reforge their community connections, and avoid being at-risk for violence. As we're hit by a gun violence crisis, it is essential that we do all we can to keep communities intact and minimize childhood trauma.” Krajewski said.

“We took an important step in moving this legislation out of the House. Now, I urge my Senate colleagues to do the same in their chamber so we can get it signed into law and ensure foster kids find homes with people who will be best for their growth and futures.”