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Daley to participate in Reproductive Health & Rights panel

(Feb 12, 2020)

“Without any doubt, women’s health is a crucial issue in my role as a state representative, and I appreciate and look forward to the opportunity to serve on this panel,” Daley said. “It provides another chance to discuss legislation and social policy that protects and respects women’s health.” Read more

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Colleges, legislators look at issue of access to menstrual products

(Feb 09, 2020)

In Pennsylvania, legislation that would make menstrual products available in public settings at no charge is pending in both the Senate and the House. Read more

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Gov. Wolf’s 2020 budget includes money to offset funding losses to Planned Parenthood

(Feb 07, 2020)

A line item in Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed 2020-21 budget is poised to once again pit conservative, anti-abortion opponents in the Legislature against reproductive rights advocates. Read more

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Big News: Precedential Victory for Equal Pay in Philadelphia

(Feb 06, 2020)

The Women’s Law Project is a public interest law center devoted to defending and expanding the rights of women, girls, and LGBTQ people in Pennsylvania and beyond. Read more

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In Pa. jails, women are paying more than double for the same tampons they’d get on the outside.

(Feb 05, 2020)

A PA Post analysis found that the private companies in charge of providing goods to inmates are price-gouging items. But their contracts say that’s not allowed. Read more