Warren details 2 of his bills, another with his input, on the move in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, April 26 – Three important pieces of legislation sponsored by state Rep. Perry Warren were on the move today in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

The bills are at various points of passage in the Capitol, where Democrats hold a majority in the House.

The House Judiciary Committee advanced Warren’s universal gun background check bill, H.B. 714. This is the first time a gun safety bill advanced past committee in Pennsylvania in decades. It would require background checks for all firearms, regardless of barrel length.

“This simple but effective change would ensure that the sale or transfer of any firearm is kept safe and legal, regardless of whether the firearm was purchased through a licensed retail seller, private transaction or at a gun show,” Warren said.

House Bill 735 had second consideration today, which positions it for a final vote when the House returns to session next week. Warren authored the bill to establish the Flood Insurance Premium Assistance Task Force, which would explore how to combat high flood insurance premiums.

“This is the third time my Flood Insurance Premium Task Force bill was reported out of the House Insurance Committee,” Warren said. “This time, I hope that once it reaches the Senate, they will vote on the bill and stand up for property owners and renters near Pennsylvania’s waterways.

“Establishing a task force that will look to lower the cost of premiums and improve analysis would help make the cost of flood protection and peace of mind more affordable, while mitigating the damage caused by floods when they do occur.”

Also today, the House moved H.B. 300, Pennsylvania’s non-discrimination legislation, which mirrors a Newtown Borough ordinance that Warren spearheaded there.

“Before I was elected state representative, I served on Newtown Borough Council, where one of my accomplishments was writing and passing a non-discrimination ordinance,” said Warren, D-Bucks. “Now at the state level, H.B. 300, which holds the same principles as the 2011 ordinance extending non-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity, was debated today in the House chamber and is lined up for a vote next week.”