Pennsylvanians are doing their best to navigate everyday challenges in the middle of a pandemic. Legislative leaders should be doing their part to ensure that people aren't put on the street in the middle of a public health crisis where people are relying on their home for shelter, and it's also acting as their office and classroom. 

Please use the form below to tell your state legislator and Republican leaders that we need to take swift legislative action to help keep Pennsylvania residents in their homes and to protect tenants and landlords in these challenging times. 

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Help Keep Pennsylvanians Safe at Home

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I am concerned for Pennsylvania renters and homeowners at risk of losing their homes. This pandemic has brought on financial uncertainty that places one in five of our neighbors questioning how they will make their next rent or mortgage payment.

What will happen to kids who are expected to learn at home when they don’t have a home? What happens to families when they run out of options and are on the streets in the middle of a public health crisis?

I ask you to bring the Safe at Home legislative package to the House for consideration and for your support of these bills. The package includes measures that would extend the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures, help mom and pop landlords serve the community, and keep Pennsylvanians in their homes.

COVID-19 is still here and the housing crisis must be addressed. Please take swift action on this legislation to help give Pennsylvanians the security of home amidst this public health crisis.


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