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Fiedler, Hanbidge celebrate signing of Pelvic Exam Consent bill

(Nov 27, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 27 – Today, state Reps. Elizabeth Fiedler , D-Phila., and Liz Hanbidge , D-Montgomery, joined Gov. Josh Shapiro for the ceremonial signing of H.B. 507 , which requires medical facilities in Pennsylvania to obtain consent before performing pelvic, prostate or rectal exams on anesthetized patients. The bill was officially signed into law on Nov. 21 by Shapiro as Act 31 of 2023. "Patients in Pennsylvania will finally have the right to make decisions about exams performed on their bodies while under anesthesia. This legislation ensures informed consent for invasive pelvic and rectal exams, at last giving patients the decision-making power that we all deserve about our own bodies,” Fiedler said. “I’m grateful to my colleague, Representative Hanbidge, for her work on this bill, and I thank Governor Shapiro for signing it into law.” “Performing a pelvic, rectal or prostate exam unknowingly on an anesthetized patient isn’t only invasive, but it’s also a breach of trust. Our legislation abolishes this archaic practice, thereby strengthening the trust that Pennsylvanians have in medical professionals, protecting bodily autonomy and highlighting the importance of consent,” Hanbidge said. “Patients expecting to go under anesthesia should never have to worry about being objectified for ‘learning purposes,’ and now thanks to my co-sponsor Representative Fiedler, Read more

Ciresi announces $147,500 in state tax credits for Pottstown revitalization

(Nov 22, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 22 – State Rep. Joe Ciresi, D-Montgomery, announced today that the state had approved $147,500 in Neighborhood Assistance Program tax credits to assist Genesis Housing Corp. in its investment in revitalizing blighted properties in Pottstown. “These state tax credits will help continue the important work of Genesis Housing Corp. in fighting blight and maintaining affordable housing in Pottstown,” Ciresi said. “This work will keep at-risk homeowners in safe and decent housing while revitalizing the communities around them. At a time when affordable housing is increasingly hard to find, this investment is important and will make meaningful impacts in people’s lives. I thank DCED, Genesis Housing Corp., and their business partners for making this investment in Pottstown.” The investment will assist Genesis Housing Corporation’s rehabilitation projects in Pottstown: $80,000 will be used to address neighborhood revitalization through mostly smaller scale improvement projects, housing rehab and facade grants. This money will support exterior renovations, housing counseling services, improved community access to gardens, and support for community improvement programs. $67,500 will be used to continue the Pottstown Homeowner Property Rehab Program to provide rehab grants for at-risk populations. This program will provide eligible low-income homeowners with grants and technical assistance for critical home repairs, Read more

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Pennsylvanians address rise in censorship, book bans

(Nov 16, 2023)

“Books are the window that allow our students to see and explore the world. They can teach us, they challenge us, they open our imaginations, but they are also safe places,” said Rep. Friel. “Sometimes, our kids, they’re out there, they’re by themselves. They think they’re alone, but it is in the library where they discover they are not.” Read more

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Pa. House passes bill to give striking workers unemployment pay

(Nov 16, 2023)

The idea is that “we’re going to supplement you with your own money while you bargain with your sometimes not-in-good-faith employer,” Rep. Dave Delloso said. Read more

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Bill introduced to protect tenants facing violence

(Nov 16, 2023)

The bill was introduced by state Representative Lisa Boroski (D-Delaware) after being referred to the House Judiciary Committee back in June. The bill establishes a process by which victims of violence can be released from or terminate a lease early if they need to relocate as the result of an applicable crime, such as any crime that causes a physical or mental injury, sexual violence or stalking. Read more

Fiedler, Hanbidge pelvic exam bill headed to governor’s desk

(Nov 15, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 15 – The PA House today passed legislation (H.B. 507) that requires medical facilities in Pennsylvania to obtain consent before performing pelvic, prostate or rectal exams on anesthetized patients. The legislation, introduced by state Reps. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Phila., and Liz Hanbidge, D-Montgomery, now goes to Gov. Josh Shapiro for his signature. In Pennsylvania, medical students are currently permitted to perform these invasive exams on unconscious patients for training purposes. The legislators said this unethical practice undermines patient-doctor relationships, which require a foundation of trust, respect and transparency. “This year, we’ve seen millions of women and people across the country stand up for reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy,” said Fiedler. “It’s never been more important to empower patients to make decisions about their own bodies and lives. I am elated to see this bill pass, and I look forward to Governor Shapiro signing it into law.” “When patients arrive at the hospital for surgeries or treatments that require anesthesia, they are understandably worried or anxious about the outcome of their procedure, rarely thinking that an unrelated internal and intimate exam by a medical student might be part of the process,” Hanbidge said. “House Bill 507 puts the power back in the hands of the patient, giving them the final say in the care Read more

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E-waste recycling struggles drawing state's attention

(Nov 06, 2023)

Legislation introduced by Rep. Lisa Borowski, D-Newtown Square, would update the state’s existing electronic waste recycling infrastructure. Supporters say additional funding for programs would create additional drop-off locations, making it more convenient and less expensive for residents to recycle electronic devices, or e-waste. Read more

Rozzi, Capelletti introduce legislation to outlaw so-called ‘skill’ slot machines

(Oct 31, 2023)

“In addition to preying on users of the machines, skill games also steal money that should be going to Pennsylvania Lottery programs that support programs for our senior citizens,” Rozzi said. Read more

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A bill under consideration in the Pa. House would make it easier to recycle electronic waste

(Oct 31, 2023)

As of 2022, just nine waste collection sites offer unrestricted access to electronic waste recycling out of the 443 total e-waste collection sites across the commonwealth. Read more

House passes Ciresi bill to expand EV charging infrastructure

(Oct 30, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Oct. 30 – State Rep. Joe Ciresi’s, D-Montgomery, legislation that would help create more EV charging stations throughout Pennsylvania at no cost to the Pennsylvania taxpayer passed the House today. House Bill 1474 would add electric vehicle charging infrastructure projects as an eligible project type under Pennsylvania’s Property-Assessed Clean Energy program (C-PACE). C-PACE, which was created by Act 30 of 2018 , has facilitated over $250 million in investments in energy efficiency, clean energy, conservation, and other projects by connecting property owners with long-term financing. The investments are funded entirely through private capital, so it would not impose any financial burden on the commonwealth or local governments, according to Ciresi. “My House Bill 1474 would help develop Pennsylvania’s EV charging infrastructure at no cost to the taxpayer at a time when electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent on our roads and highways,” Ciresi said. “This legislation would unlock financing to install charging stations throughout the commonwealth—from places of employment, restaurants, apartments, hotels, shopping centers to tourist attractions. More charging stations makes it easier for everyone to operate these energy-efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles in Pennsylvania, whether you’re a resident running errands or business traveler or tourist visiting our state.” The bill has Read more