Do you need help paying heating bills?

As we get into the coldest months of winter, many people are worried about affording their increasing heating costs. If you or someone you know qualifies, my office could help you take advantage of a program set up to curtail high home heating bills.

Pennsylvania’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program – LIHEAP – is now open, and expected to close April 3, 2015. Residents who received a LIHEAP grant last season should have already received a postcard or a 2014-15 LIHEAP application with a registration number.

LIHEAP customers who did not receive LIHEAP last season may obtain an application by contacting my office, contacting your county assistance office, calling LIHEAP directly at 1-866-857-7095, or applying online at this website.

LIHEAP cash grants -- based on household income, family size, type of heating fuel and region – will range from $100 to $1,000. LIHEAP crisis grants, which help with heating emergencies such as a furnace failure or unexpected fuel shortages, will range from $25 to $500.

Under the proposed state plan, the income guidelines for both LIHEAP cash and crisis grants will be 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines, or $17,505 for an individual and adding $6,090 for each additional person, as seen below –

Household Size 2015 Income Limit
1 $17,505
2 $23,595
3 $29,685
4 $35,775
5 $41,865
6 $47,955
7 $54,045
8 $60,135
9 $66,225

The state Department of Human Services administers the federal funds allotted for LIHEAP in Pennsylvania. The agency expects to serve about 431,739 cash recipients and 136,471 crisis households with its $165.3 million budget for this program.

If you have questions about LIHEAP or need help filling out the form, please contact my office.