House Education Committee advances bills to help military families take next steps and plan their future

HARRISBURG, May 22 – The PA House Education Committee, chaired by state Rep. Peter Schweyer, today advanced legislation to support the men and women who selflessly serve our country and defend our freedom.

“Our brave military heroes put their lives on the line every day and not only deserve our thanks and respect, but also the opportunities for their families to further their education and plan for their future,” said Schweyer, D-Lehigh. “With these measures, we can make education more affordable and help dependents of our military families continue their college education here in Pennsylvania.”

According to Schweyer, the House Education Committee approved the following bills at today’s meeting:

HB 804 – would guarantee in-state tuition for reassigned military families 

HB 1094 – would advance enrollment for military families

HB 1097 – would allow schools to hold a moment of silence in observance of 9/11

“The House Education Committee is committed to improving educational opportunities for all Pennsylvanians and efforts to deliver better schools for every student,” added Schweyer.

All three bills will now be brought to the full House for consideration.