Pashinski applauds grant funding to fire and EMS services

HARRISBURG, Feb. 16 – Today, state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski announced that the Office of the State Fire Commissioner awarded more than $102,308 to multiple fire department and EMS services in his district.

The grants awarded include:

  • City of Wilkes Barre Fire Department - $16,951.
  • City of Wilkes Barre Fire Department EMS - $15,000.
  • Plains Township Fire Department - $15,590.
  • Plains Volunteer Ambulance Association EMS - $15,000.
  • Wilkes-Barre Township Volunteer Fire Department - $13,645.
  • Bear Creek Township Volunteer Hose Co. - $13,061.
  • Laurel Run Volunteer Fire Department - $13,061.

“In the firefighting industry, both firefighters and EMS play a critical role in providing not only medical care, but transportation to individuals that were affected by a fire,” said Pashinski. “This funding provides the financial support that our departments need to acquire equipment, maintain facilities, provide training and carry out essential community outreach. It ensures that fire departments can remain the backbone of emergency response in our community.”

Act 91 of 2020, which Pashinski voted for, authorized the Fire Company and Medical Services Grant Program until June 30. Recently, Gov. Josh Shapiro proposed increasing the program’s funding to $60 million.