House Democrats will fight for PA veterans

Republican budget would end some programs and services that serve our militarty veterans

Republicans brought Pennsylvania to the bad financial place it's in and now they want to take us even lower with the budget bill they passed in early April.

Alarmingly, the House Republican budget bill includes cuts that are harmful for many Pennsylvanians.

Pennsylvanians that would suffer under the Republican budget include our nearly 900,000 state veterans and National Guard members.

According to Pennsylvania's adjutant general, the cuts in the Republican budget bill would cripple operations at the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and threaten the department's ability to support programs, services and outreach for our veterans.

Under House Republican budget levels, the department could maintain support for veterans and National Guard members only until February of next year. After that, the department would have to lay off up to 65 workers and end many programs and services for veterans and National Guard members.

The Republican cuts would also threaten federal funding for veterans in Pennsylvania, since much of the state's funding is required as a match to qualify for federal funding.

The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs is one of Pennsylvania's top 10 employers -- with 2,600 workers and 20,000 National Guard members. It contributes $1.4 billion in economic impact to Pennsylvania.

Did Republicans in the House not realize they were voting to cut funding for our veterans, eliminate jobs and damage local economies across the state when they voted for their budget bill?

Not a single Democrat voted for the Republican budget bill. Its impact on our veterans and National Guard members is just one of many reasons why.

The Republican budget bill was the initial step, but certainly not the final say, in Pennsylvania's 2017-18 budget. House Democrats will continue working with Republicans and the governor to enact a final budget that works for all Pennsylvanians -- including the men and women who have served and continue to serve our Commonwealth and our nation so honorably.