Malagari supports overhaul of state services, systems

State Rep. Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery, applauded the action of Gov. Tom Wolf today when Wolf announced an overhaul of the state services and systems to protect the most vulnerable Pennsylvanians.

“This overhaul will include identifying reforms needed for Pennsylvania to better protect and support individuals relying upon services and assistance from the commonwealth,” Malagari said.

Wolf noted, change was needed. He signed an executive order to begin an overhaul of our systems.

“I am taking executive action to make changes that will stop the system from failing Pennsylvanians most in need of our protection and care,” Wolf said.

Malagari added: “Let's reduce institutionalization for vulnerable children and older adults and improve the state's community-based services. As a member of the Aging and Older Adults Committee, I look forward to improving the way we approach long-term care needs and older adult protective services.”