Malagari plans to introduce legislation to protect consumers, clarify labeling of cell-cultured meat

LANSDALE, Oct. 22 – Future legislation aimed at regulating cell-cultured meat to protect consumers is being circulated by state Rep. Steve Malagari in Harrisburg. Malagari released a co-sponsorship memorandum this week to define cell-cultured meat and clarify its labeling.

“Consumers deserve to know what is contained in the products they buy, and this is even more important when it comes to the labeling of the food we eat and prepare for our family and loved ones,” said Malagari, D-Montgomery. “This is legislation that will protect all of us. Recent developments in technology has given rise to several substitute-meat alternatives. Regardless of your diet, vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters should all be confident of the origins of the products they consume.”

Following in the footsteps of technology developed in biomedicine, cell-cultured meat is the government’s term for products not directly harvested from an animal. These products are grown in a lab, and while proponents of it correctly note it’s a slaughter-free alternative to animal-based meat, it remains an emerging industry.

“My legislation would define cell-cultured products and provide clarification in labeling these products, so consumers can be confident that the products they are purchasing are not misbranded or mislabeled,” Malagari said. “I’m asking lawmakers in Harrisburg to join me in co-sponsoring this important legislation.”