Kulik: state funding awarded to Stowe Township for infrastructure project

HARRISBURG, March 29 – State Rep. Anita Kulik, D-Allegheny, today announced that an infrastructure project in Stowe Township was approved for a $150,000 state grant.

The PA Small Water and Sewer fund grant was approved by the Commonwealth Financing Authority, an independent state agency responsible for administering Pennsylvania’s economic stimulus packages, including Multimodal, Act 13 and water and sewer funds. 

"This funding will help to replace a sewer line along Stowe Avenue,” Kulik said. “Attention to infrastructure is a necessary spoke in the wheel of economic development, and I am pleased to see improvements coming to Stowe Township.”

Specifically, the project will entail replacement of 1,600 linear feet of sewer line along Stowe Avenue to reduce flow and infiltration, the installation of 30 lateral connectors, five manholes and 1,600 linear feet of under-drain piping, along with restoration work for impacted roadways and curbs.

The CFA was established in 2004 as an independent agency of the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) to administer Pennsylvania's economic stimulus packages. The CFA holds fiduciary responsibility over the funding of programs and investments in Pennsylvania's economic growth. The CFA consists of seven board members: four legislative appointees and the secretaries of DCED, the Office of the Budget and Department of Banking.