Neilson applauds passage of payroll debit card legislation

HARRISBURG, Oct. 26 – State Rep. Ed Neilson, D-Phila., today applauded the final passage of legislation that would allow employers to pay wages through debit cards while also providing protections to limit fees on employees accessing those wages. 

Senate Bill 1265, which is similar to legislation Neilson introduced in the 2013-14 legislative session, would allow employers to pay wages through check, electronic fund transfer or payroll cards.

"This legislation will help Pennsylvanians who are unable to open or maintain a bank account to still have convenient access to the wages they earn," Neilson said. "While a traditional bank account still has its advantages, these debit cards will allow employees to avoid the high cost and other fees associated with check cashing and money orders."

This legislation, which now heads to Gov. Tom Wolf for his expected signature, would establish requirements and parameters for employers to use payroll debit cards in the payment of employee wages and penalties for those employers found to be in violation of the law.